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Business Etiquette and Professionalism

Business Etiquette and Professionalism PhotoKnowing how to act in the workplace is something that should come as second nature to us. You have to know how to compose yourself if you would want to be respected by your colleagues and clients.

Business etiquette shows how you act around others. It is having manners and social skills. It is when you consider the needs and feelings of others and also being courteous to the people around you.

Dealing with conflict

Conflict in a workplace can sometimes be unavoidable. Knowing business etiquette and staying professional will allow conflict to be resolved smoother. Avoid attacking the other person or raising your voice. If you are at fault, make sure to apologize quickly. And never use profanity in the workplace.

Management and superiors

Although respect and courtesy is for everyone, you should show a bit more to your superiors. As an employee, you should hold an open communication with your manager. Maintain your professionalism by making sure that you inform your superior timely about any updates or progress. Information should never come as a surprise.


In any business, there are times that you would need to answer phone calls or do return calls. You should know how you are able to do this properly. If you missed a call, return it as soon as possible. In cases that you would be out of the office for a longer period of time, see to it that your voice mail or secretary would be able to inform the caller of the time of your return. When you are the one leaving the message, you need to leave your contact information and the basic information on the nature of your call.

When it comes to your cell phone, always keep it in vibrate mode during office hours especially on meetings. Try to avoid answering personal calls at office hours. If it is completely unavoidable, speak in a private place and lower your voice as to not disturb the people around you.


E-mails are one of the most common forms of communication around the office. This is commonly misunderstood though. In writing an e-mail, your subject has to be specific. The body of your e-mail has to be simple and specific. It should not contain any exaggerated content. When signing, always include your full name and title.
Your e-mail should be used for business purposes only. Do not send chain emails and non-business related emails in the workplace.

Business etiquette and professionalism should be observed in all workplaces. This ensures the harmony of all workers and avoids conflicts as well. The most important thing that should be avoided is gossip. This only shows poor manners and could even impede your career.