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Business Etiquette Guide

Business Etiquette Guide PhotoA productive, standardized, competitive and respectable business is comprised of professionals who practice proper business etiquette. People who have been hired as part of the team must be guided on different manners and business etiquette in order to have a more professional aura. Not only that he will project this impression for himself but it also reflects that of the company.

Proper business etiquette promises every company and individual who works for a company that they will gain the confidence, trust, loyalty and respect of the employees, fellow workers, peers, clients and your managers. Etiquette is not just about formality and show offs. If you go down deeper and see its hidden agenda, you’ll find out that business etiquette is really about making people feel good, thus, making every business transaction easy, smooth and professional.

Communication over the phone

One of your tasks might be answering phone calls. No matter who is on the other line, you have to talk professionally, introduce your name and the company that they’re calling, politely ask for their name and ask what their concern is about. Make the impression that you are enthusiastic and willing to assist.

Email etiquette

If you are sending an email to the CEO or any executives, avoid using inappropriate terms, slang, emoticons, abbreviations, sarcasm and incomplete sentences. Maintain the professional tone in email conversation. Remember to use a professional email signature with your complete work contact details if your company requires you to do so. Off course, do not include the CEO, clients and executives in spam or non work related emails that is going around the work area. That is, if you don’t want to get fired.

Hierarchy Respect

In every issue that you are having, it is best to consult your direct manager about it. Never go over and escalate something to an executive that hasn’t been discussed yet or addressed with your manager. This act is disrespectful which might be the cause of a relationship gap between you and your boss.

Dealing face-to-face

Show equal treatment to everyone. The CEO, managers, subordinates and your down lines deserve to be respected. You’ll never know who can help or be a hindrance in your business relationships. It is also possible that one of your friends could be promoted which will make you feel more comfortable with your job.

In every situation or business transaction that you are in, even you resigned and created your own business, it is important that you bring the proper business etiquette with you so that you can use it or share it for the sake of career and business success.