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Business Referral Program Ideas

Business Referral Program Ideas PhotoTo expand your list of prospective customers who might bring more assets to the company, coming up with great business referral program ideas could be helpful.

Business is one of the most important matters in life. This is one of the reasons why companies are able to think of new ways of getting more money to come in or at least, to save the business. One of the strategies that they came up with is a business referral program.

Through a business referral program, the company will be able to market the business for a chance of getting new customers and the current ones will be coming back for more deals.  Here are some business referral ideas that you can use.

Quote the customers

Consumers listen more on other consumer’s comments or feedback than product descriptions and posts of the sellers. One way to get a referral is by asking your satisfied and happy customers about the product or service that they availed for. Quote their answers and add it on your ads. The words must be verbatim so that it will still sound credible.

Create an advocate

Your current customers could be the best referrals. By consistently delivering good quality service, establishing a bond and maintaining positive interactions with the customers, you can convert a regular customer to an advocate. Advocates are the one who will promote the business to other people they know and tell them how they enjoy being with the company without paying them for it.

Getting contacts from customers

Every time that a sale has been closed, you can ask your customer to give you 3 of their friends contact numbers who may want some products or services that they sell. You can reinforce this by giving every face to face sales agent a sheet where they can add the names of referral. The company can implement an everyday quota of contacts for sales representatives to make the referral system much stronger.

Rewards program

Create a simple program wherein the customer can easily understand and join. Offer cash or rebates through points whenever their referred friends order from you. Another thing is you can give rebates, discounts or freebies whenever they refer one of their friends to your store. Make sure that you have weighed this properly and that you give the right amount of rewards to your customer.

Businesses sometimes need to make ways on how to retain their status on the market and grow bigger. Even though it sounds desperate and awkward, asking customers for more customers can indeed save the business and gives it a chance to bounce back.