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Challenges in Performance Appraisal

Challenges in Performance Appraisal PhotoPerformance appraisal is a part of performance management systems that employers utilize for monitoring the performance and the progress of their workers or employees. Well, there are many challenges in performance appraisal probably because of the insufficient understanding of the process and the expectations on the job. Here are few of the challenges that need to be overcome by the employer or the appraiser to improve and conduct an effective performance appraisal:

Resistance of employees

Employees feel uncomfortable during the appraisal because the process involves close scrutiny. Explaining the process can help eliminate the discomfort felt by employees. They should have a good idea of what they are going to expect in the appraisal process.

Insufficient experience of the appraiser

If you are still new in hiring employees and it is your first time to implement an appraisal system then you will find this uncomfortable as well. The review may be awkward because of the lack of experience. Using a standardized evaluation format for each worker can be very helpful. This gives an equal opportunity for the employees to be appraised according to the standard criteria. This will make the appraisal process much easier.

Use of rating instrument

The performance appraisal should focus on the employees’ development. This is to make sure that objectivity and fairness is achieved during the appraisal process. Usually, the employers who tie this process with compensation may use an evaluating system that measures the contribution of the employee than the ability of the organization to achieve specific goals.

Appraiser’s biased evaluation

Going for performance appraisal tends to create personal biases. A recent performance of the employee may affect you positively or negatively depending on the action done prior to the process. Most evaluators give more importance to the recent behavior than the past behavior.

To avoid becoming biased, you have to make notes of the good points of the employee until the appraisal period comes. Taking note of these things will help you during the performance evaluation process.

Generalizing a single trait

As an appraiser, you may have the tendency to judge the person by just focusing on one trait. Automatically giving a high rating for a particular trait leads to a high rating of all the other traits. Sometimes, you may have the tendency to give a high rating to protect the employee whom you personally sympathize.

Challenges in performance appraisal can be overcome by ensuring fairness in the process through making an objective evaluation. Providing the ways to help your employees improve will also contribute to a successful appraisal process.