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Characteristics of an Effective Mission Statement

Characteristics of an Effective Mission Statement PhotoThe main purpose of a mission statement is to let the public know the purpose of the business. Whether your business aims to provide local services or tap into international markets, you can make your mission statement more effective by clearly stating the reason of its existence and identifying its long-term objectives. In order to make your mission statement truly effective, it should have the following characteristics:

Must define the business

A good mission statement must reflect the culture in which the business lives by. It must be anchored on the central principle that influences the people directly connected to it.

Must show an attitude

The words that you use in your mission statement must show some attitude. It is best to come up with one that is assuring  and exudes confidence so that it can help develop a more attractive image for your business.

Must be able to stir positive emotions

A mission statement also plays a vital role in creating the image of your business. If it has the capability to stir happy and optimistic emotions, it would also impact your business positively. The passion must be felt with every word of the mission statement and anyone reading or listening to it must be inspired by what it says.

Must be straightforward and concise

Preferably, the mission statement should contain just a few yet strong sentences. So even without looking at a copy, you would be able to recite or say it without difficulty.

Must create an impression of a successful firm that is investment-worthy

When you say your mission statement, you must be empowered and that feeling will make you look successful in the eyes of other people especially your potential clients. Being able to create a good impression will most likely encourage more investors to have faith in your business.

Must be action-oriented

A mission statement is like a general plan which the business intends to work on. It must tell what the business is going to do, who will receive the benefits of the action and how the plan will be carried out.

A mission statement is very essential because it can make a huge difference in the success of the business. It will serve as the description the journey that your business is going to take. And it could serve as the driving force that will push your business closer to its goal – SUCCESS.