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Cheap Ways to Clean Your Home

Cheap Ways to Clean Your HomeDo you have a pet who keeps on leaving spots everywhere? Or do you have a baby who’s growing his way to becoming a toddler? Are you now worried about cheap ways to maintain the cleanliness of your home?

Below are some useful tricks that will get the job done but avoid spending much.

Keep the right set of cleaning tools

Make sure that you invest in quality cleaning tools that are highly durable and will last for a long period of time. This will allow you to save much on your budget in the long run. Durable tools will not require you to purchase frequent replacements. Invest in a durable vacuum, mops and brushes.

Other cleaning tools, which you should keep on hand, include dust pans and brooms. Scrubbing pads and brushes as well as a toilet brush. Also, make sure that you have adequate rags you can use in cleaning. For a cheaper option, you can use old shirts and towels as rags for cleaning your household.

Also keep a clean paint brush on hand. This is an effective cleaning tool you can use as you dust your computer keyboards and other rigid surfaces.

Have a clear waste receptacle

A clear waste bag will allow you to see clearly what you have put into it. This is also useful and effective for recycling purposes.

Reuse items

Some household stuff can be reused instead of getting a new one. These include using your empty water bottles as a container to hold other items like your writing materials, pens, small brushes and other small stuff.

Do not dispose spray bottles after it gets empty. They can be refilled and utilized for other spraying purposes.

Use appropriate cleaning products

You can use an all around cleaning agent in tidying your household stuff. However, make sure to read its label as well as the cleaning instructions for your household devices to prevent untoward damage of your stuffs.

Set a regular cleaning schedule

When you make it a habit of clean your home on a regular basis, you can avoid excessive dirt accumulation which can be difficult and costly to remove.

Make sure indoor air smells fresh

You can utilize essential oil to keep your household air smelling fresh. Use an empty spray bottle as your container and spray liberally in the entire place. You can always replace the scent with something you like at any time you want. You can try lemon, lavender or cranberry scented essential oil, or use other scents you prefer.

Disinfect naturally

An effective but natural way to disinfect surfaces in your home will involve the use of tea tree oil. Put one teaspoon of it in one gallon of tap water. Use it in cleaning the floors, toilets and windows to get rid of germs.

White vinegar is also an effective disinfecting agent. Add a few drops of lemon to neutralize its scent.

In most cases maintaining a squeaky clean home can be costly, especially if your household involves a wide area and spacious surroundings. However, with a little amount of creative thinking and some effort, you can effectively tidy your place without the need to spend much. But household cleaning doesn’t have to be costly especially if you make use of these simple tips.