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Competency-Based Interview Questions

Competency Based Interview Questions PhotoIn applying for a job, one must be ready to answer competency-based interview questions. This procedure is very common and an important process in landing a job. Business owners as well as government agencies use series of questions to screen applicants. With this process, hiring officers see a picture of what an applicant can do and how he can be of help to the workforce.

What are competency-based interview questions?

These are interview questions that allow interviewers to find out how one solves problems. Through key questions, hiring officers present possible challenges one can face. These questions are aimed at finding out an applicant’s

  • Ability to solve problems
  • Leadership skills
  • Approach to managing a situation
  • Behavior in the workplace

Through the applicant’s answers the business owner finds how he can be of help in the company.

Applicants on the other hand can use this procedure to better express how they’re suited for a job. Face to face with the interviewer, the applicant can site examples where his skills, knowledge and experience have solved problems in the past.

Examples of competency-based interview questions

These questions prompt applicants to enumerate, identify and explain solutions to problems faced in the past.

  • Site a situation where your quick thinking solved a delivery problem
  • How did you motivate your sales team to perform better?
  • Describe a time where you had to explain a solution to an angry customer
  • How did you write that financial report?

Having applicants answer these questions gives you a picture of how they’ll do in your company. There doesn’t have to be a minimum or maximum number of questions. One must however choose the most relevant questions to ask.

How to answer

In answering these kinds of interview questions, you’ll have to be truthful and direct to the point. A director from a company who featured an article at Cambridge Network suggest one should use the STAR model. It stands for Situation, Task, Actions you took and Results achieved.

  • Explain how you solved a problem by citing examples. You can enumerate the steps and procedures taken. Describe the result.
  • Actual demonstration right there on the spot
  • Emphasize your skills and abilities
  • Don’t be afraid to mention failure. Rebound by telling the interviewer what you’ve learned about failure.

Are these tips helpful? What other things do you want to share? Before going to an actual interview, do your homework. Review your work experience and remember all the accomplishments you’ve done.

Competency-based interview questions are all based on your skills and behavior. Hiring officers want to find out how you did a job and all its results.