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Crazy Fundraising Ideas

Crazy Fundraising Ideas PhotoBake sales. Charity dinners. Bingo for a cause. These are all acceptable forms of fundraising events, but these are also all drawn out and boring. If you are someone that wants to do something more while trying to raise funds for whatever purpose, then here are some crazy fundraising ideas that you can use.

Bikini car wash

If you have a couple of friends that look great in a bikini and are willing to flaunt it and help out, then you can organize a car wash where hot girls will clean your car. Imagine sexy girls clad in their swimsuits getting wet and slippery as they clean your car. Who wouldn’t pay to see that?

Marathons with a twist

You can organize marathons for a fee. However, you can put a twist in these otherwise linear events by using a particular theme to spice up the activity. Examples of these are zombie themed marathons where “zombies” would be running after the “survivors”, or have a dodgeball marathon with rubber balls coming into play.

Be imaginative with your mechanics, and encourage participants to wear wacky costumes in order to spark further interest and more revenue.

Charity concerts or karaoke nights

You can sell tickets for events where the more extrovert of people will get the chance to perform in front of a crowd. A ticket can provide an individual with a meal as well as their fifteen minutes of fame in front of an admiring audience. For those who have Hollywood dreams that they have not given up on yet, this is just an opportunity that is too good to pass up.

Movie marathons

Get your favorite movie trilogy or a full season of a popular TV series, rent a good quality home entertainment system, and buy some soda and chips. Invite people and act as an usher as they spend the entire night watching their favorite films and TV shows.

Mud wrestling

You can organize mud wrestling that people would have to buy tickets to get to watch. The hotter the competitors, the bigger your potential audience. You can replace mud with other alternatives such as jelly, oil, or any similar substance.

Whatever your idea for a fundraiser is, do not forget to point out the purpose of the event. Remember to have fun, but keep in mind that you are there for a charitable goal, and that while you enjoy, you are potentially doing something good for someone else.