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Cutting the Costs of Moving

Cutting the Costs of Moving PhotoThe rocky housing market has seen many people relocating, sometimes in an effort to get out of debt, or proactively avoid debt. However, moving could turn out to be a very expensive affair, especially if you do not understand how the process works.

Below are some tips that will enable you to reduce your moving expenses and maximize value when moving:

Move at the Right Time

Indeed, there is a right time for everything! Moving during the summer months is likely to attract higher costs, since this is the peak season for movers. On the other hand, most people move on weekends, as well as at the beginning and end of the month. Therefore, moving on a weekday, or in the middle of the month, is a smart move that may enable you to get a discount on moving fees.

Little Stuff vs. Big Stuff

Most of your household items consist of small stuff that you can easily pack into boxes. These items include clothes, cutlery, utensils, books and small electronic appliances. On the other hand, there is the big stuff such as furniture and fittings, as well as large electronic appliances and equipment.

Hiring a moving company to carry all your stuff may require the use of more than one truck. In some cases, the movers may have to make several trips. Therefore, it is advisable that you move the small stuff that can fit in the trunk of your car by yourself, and leave the big stuff for movers since they have trucks.

Moving with Stuff vs. Buying New Stuff

Moving all your stuff might prove very expensive. Surprisingly, some of the stuff that you might be moving with doesn’t have much value. In particular, moving your old, inexpensive or damaged stuff is against sound financial advice. Therefore, it would make more sense to consider the cost of buying new stuff once you relocate.Always remember that moving with less stuff lowers your expenses.

Moving with Trash

It is common to find people moving with items that they do not require anymore, and in some cases, full trashcans. As a rule, always sort out your stuff before packing it up for the move.

Since movers price their services according to volume and weight, failing to sort your stuff will result in having a lot of stuff to move, which in turn increases the cost of relocation.

Reduce Packaging Costs

Packaging is one significant, but unseen cost of moving. You may buy a wide variety of packing materials without realizing the actual costs that you are adding to your move. You actually don’t need a lot of these materials.

You should use household linen, clothing and towels to pack your fragile items. Also, old packing boxes can come in handy.

Pack Essentials Separately

The first day in your new home brings up a new challenge – unpacking. It is obvious that you will be tired after the move and may not have time to start unpacking immediately. For this reason, you should ensure that all your essential items are packed separately, so that you can easily access them. Failure to do this may force you to buy new stuff to use on that first day, or simply waste your time and energy trying to locate these items.

Rent a Moving Truck

According to expert financial advice, you should consider renting a moving truck and do the job by yourself.

Jeffery Sterner is a blogger with America’s Debt Help Organization—Debt.org, and helps educate Americans on how they can become financially independent by paying down their personal debts.

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    Moving can become very expensive and each of these points in the article is worth consideration. Especially when it comes to renting your own van, this alone, with substantial planning, organisation and your own time can take much of the cost out of moving.

    The key, is to be efficient with time and resources and this can be achieved through adequate planning.