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Cyber Begging Websites – Do They Work?


Would you be able to set shame aside and beg online? Because if you do, cyber begging works.

According to accounts, people who’ve begged online received financial assistance. Sometimes, they got services for free too.

Cyber begging is the online act of asking strangers for help. From medical needs to bicycles to make up, asking online is possible.

1. Is Cyber Begging really possible?

Yes it is. Countless of people have done it since the early 2000s. As a matter of fact, many are still doing it.

Take the example of Grace Haumphries, a dancer who begged online. In an article, Humphries asked total strangers for help with her career. She needed make up, hair arrangements, photo shoots, all of which are expensive.

Within days, photographers responded to help her… for free! In the end she saved £3,000 to upstart her career.

Cyber begging works but is extremely difficult. In difficult, I mean the waiting part. Some people have posted pleas and took years to be answered, many have no donations at all.

2. How does cyber begging work?

  • Cyber begging is possible thru web sites. These sites feature people in need. Stories and pleas are then displayed to appeal to readers.
  • When a person sends in his story, ads are created. These ads are then displayed onto other websites, most commonly the popular ones to be seen by many.
  • If your story is real and it touches the heart of donors, they make donations. Usually, PayPal is used for transactions.

3. How do you post your requests?

I’m sure your interests are aroused by now. Want to try begging for a semester’s tuition?

Having chosen a begging site, your request will be handled by the site itself. It’s going to post your ad in social networking sites, online poker sites, sites that are very popular. By doing so, bigger chances of donors answering your plea is possible.

I must warn you that you’ll have to make sure begging sites are legitimate. A lot are scams.

  • Would you believe some cyber begging sites ask for registration fees? Haha, this really makes me laugh but it’s true. Even begging now has fees.

There are free cyber begging sites however that post your pleas. Pleas can be even be seen on Craiglist.

Take the case of “Bob” who donated to a beggar when he saw her ad in craiglist.

4. Who can do cyber begging?

Everybody can beg online. You’ll just have to suck up pride and not be ashamed.

But… there’s good news to that aspect: Anonymity!

Now, one doesn’t have to be ashamed too much. Names are completely hidden when you do begging. Unless of course you choose to divulge it?

Aol news features Amanda Carson who begged online. She never thought she’d beg for anything in her life. She says however, she pushed aside pride and begged for Christmas gifts.

Now that she bought her sons gifts, Carson says cyber begging was worth it.

5. What can you beg for?

You can beg for anything.

You’ll be surprised though, at what other people can ask for. According to the Seattle Times, people have asked for divorce money to payment bills. Some even have silly appeals such as a “buy a hummer” request.

There are many heart breaking stories that are published with ads. These include pleas for medical bills and money to stay afloat. Whatever cause one has, whatever one needs, it can be begged for online.

6. How long does your request get answered?

Just as what I’ve mentioned earlier, there’s really no telling. Some pleas have been answered in days, some in months. Some, never.

Among the stuff I’ve read, I noticed that quicker donations happen when ads appear genuine. Donors can sense when a “beggar” is in need or just scamming.

So as an advice to those who plan on “begging”: keep it real.