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Dealing With Financial Stress

Dealing With Financial Stress Photo


If you see financial crisis as a source of stress, you’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, 76% of Americans perceive it as such.

Financial stress can manifest itself thru mild symptoms. They include anxiety and panic. Mild as they are though, they affect a person’s general well being.

To ward off these feeling you may want to follow these simple tips. They’re all practical and are simple enough to do at home.

1. Set a monthly budget

Budgeting is the best way of relieving financial stress. By doing so, you diminish the symptoms and more importantly, the cause.

Budgeting lets you identify where your money is going. From there, you can decide which expenses to cut.

In an article from a popular bank, the psychology of budgeting is discussed. It said budgeting is a tool used to manage money effectively. It’s however important to look at attitudes too, to make budgeting work.

  • People should look at money a healthier way. With that, healthy spending can also be achieved.

2. Meditation

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress. It enables one to control anxieties resulting in a feeling of balance and peace.

Deep breathing meditation is an easy way to reduce stress. Here’s what you do

  • Sitting straight, put one hand over the chest and another over the stomach.
  • Inhale through the nose and let your stomach rise.
  • Exhale through the mouth as your abdomen pushes air out. Every time you breathe, the chest should do little movement.

3. Avoid smoking and drinking

Turning onto these acts can do more harm than good. Substances in cigarettes and alcohol can further affect stress.

What’s buying smoke and alcohol going to do? They can’t solve your problems. In fact, they’re added expenses can even aggravate your financial problems!

4. Think positively

You may have noticed that negative thoughts only worsens stress right? So why entertain such thoughts? You’re not getting anything good out of it.

Push everything negative aside. It’s absolutely time to focus on positive thoughts this time.

Hand in hand with budgeting, stay positive you’ll accomplish goals. Anything you put your thoughts on, you can achieve.

Read some of these inspiring quotes from famous people. They practice positive thinking and apply them over their finances.

  • “You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” ― Stephen Richards
  • “if you tell yourself you feel fine, you will.” ― Jodi Picoult
  • “Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here.” ― Donald Trump

5. Spend time with family

Isn’t it gladdening to spend time with your kids in the park? Strolling and enjoying the day will perk you up. To reduce stress, try having more of the healthy fun stuff, like family.

It’s always helpful when you talk to somebody, too. Talk to your spouse in a well mannered way. Hold each other to know you’re there for each other.

6. Eat stress busting food

How’s this for a stress buster? It’s the most delicious way to reduce stress. Go ahead, indulge!

  • Sweet potatoes – Manages carbohydrates metabolism. They’re good to manage your wanting for sweets. Sweets upset the stomach in anxiety episodes.
  • Oranges – Boosts immune system, perfect for busting stress. According to studies, vitamin C helps to manage blood pressure.
  • Spinach – get a good dose of magnesium from Spinach. Lack of magnesium is associated with migraines
  • Turkey/chicken, dates papayas, bananas – Turkey meat in particular have amino acids that help release feel good hormones. Feelings of being satisfied and relaxed are associated with the hormone serotonin. Bananas and papayas too stimulate serotonin release according to Wikipedia.
  • Dried Apricots – It’s yummy enough to be a stress buster right? Apricots have inherent properties that help relax muscles
  • Green veggies – Green leafy vegetables are great sources of vitamins. They are rich sources of fiber too, that help in digestion. Vitamins revitalize the body in times of weakening.