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Dine In or Take Out?

Dine In or Take Out? Photo


If you’re a person who loves to cook, then determining what dish to prepare for the next meal won’t be a big concern anymore. However, if you’re someone who loves to eat takeout meals, but wanting to save money, then this is the perfect article for you. Read along and discuss with me the pros and cons of takeout meals and home cooked (better known as one in food).

Dine in advantages

Assurance to cleanliness

Let’s admit it, not all fast food chains and restaurants are perfect when it comes to cleanliness. In fact, there have been lots of cases where fast food chains were foreclosed because of not practicing the cleanliness standards. On the contrary, if you consume home-cooked meals, there’s an assurance that everything is well prepared.

You have control of everything

If you want to eat vegetable salad with lots of extra Thousand Island dressing then go ahead! Just grab the dressing bottle, your salad bowl and the cold crunchy veggies. There’s no way for this to be possible in restaurants since they have their own rules and regulations. Dine in is also the perfect decision for those who are on a diet because they can take control of what will be included in a certain meal.

Dine in disadvantages

Lots of cleaning

Since you did all the slicing, mixing and cooking, technically you’ll also face a mountain of dishes in the sink. At this point, you might even wish for a dish washing robot to save you.

Takes time

Compared to restaurants where many people are working, it may take some time before you can cook a meal or two, unless you’re a master chef. You better have the patience and willingness deal with this time dilemma.

Take out meal advantages

Less hassle

In contrast with dine in meals, takeout food will not cost you any hassle. All you have to do is call the restaurant, make an order, wait for a couple of minutes and drive to get your meal. You can even have it delivered if you want. You don’t have to deal with washing dishes or nearly slicing your finger.


Indeed, take out meals are known to be flavorful. No matter how hard we try it’s just too difficult to perfectly copy the taste. Well of course, that’s a part of their trade secret. Nevertheless, take out meals would be the perfect answer if you want to eat scrumptious meals.

Takeout meal disadvantages


Dieticians claim that if you want to live a healthy life, it’s best to avoid takeout meals. It’s not that the food is dirty and all, it’s just that you’re not sure of what they’re putting in the food. Often times there are too many carbs and bad cholesterol.

Simply not a good practice

Eating takeout meals a few times a month is fine, but doing it almost every day is simply a bad practice. You may not notice, but the longer you’re doing it the more you turn into a lazy and fat couch potato. Fat of course, because takeout meals will raise your chances for obesity.