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Disadvantages of Video Conferencing

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing PhotoIn the rise of modern technology, many people are becoming engaged in video conferencing. This technology enables people to work from home, facilitate international business deals, communicate with others and keep in touch with family and friends.

However, along with the increasing number of people who uses video conferencing, there are some disadvantages noted in using this technology. Here are some disadvantages cited:

High cost

The price of hardware and software of video conferencing is quite expensive. The cost of the application depends on the features it offers.

Lack of personal aspect

Video conferencing may affect the personal aspect of the conversation. It takes away the sincerity of both parties who are communicating with each other.

Learning process

Some people may find it difficult to use video conferencing. If a business is new to the technology, errors that may arise can be an unprofessional to the other party.

Different time zone

Video conferencing may not be efficient in coping with the scheduling of conversation. This may be inconvenient for people that have inflexible working schedules.

Limited free system

If you choose to use a cheaper video conferencing system, you may be limited to free multi-point service. A multi-point service allows you to have many participants in video conferencing.

Insecurity of business data

A business would not be secured for their data and confidential information when they use a video conferencing in a meeting. Business may face financial and legal risk in using video conferencing, as this information would be accessible to unauthorized individuals.

Stability of connections

Video conferencing may give you a dropping conversation when the connection is not stable. With this, it is advisable that a business should use a high-quality video conference application.

Technical faults

Because video conferencing is powered by a machine, it is susceptible to failure of power and technical faults. With this, people who use video conferencing may think alternatives whenever a failure suddenly arises.

Inappropriate area for the equipment

If the location of the equipment where a video conference will be held is, participants may encounter inappropriate errors in some aspects of the conference. Echoes and virtual may affect speech and picture of the participants.

Just like any other available technology utilized in communication, video conferencing has some of disadvantages. In spite of these, video conferencing is quite more advantageous than other ways of communication technology. Video conferencing enables its users to have a virtual presence of all the participants.