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Domain Parking Monetization – Make Money with Parked Domains

Domain parking has been around for years. But it was just around 2 or 3 months ago that I decided to invest some time and money in it.

Domain parking is easy (depending on how you do it). All I need is a domain with steady stream of traffic then park it on different domain parking companies. The domain parking companies will show advertisements on the parked domains and whenever someone clicks on an ad, I earn.

Sounds simple, right? Honestly, it is. The only problem is, since these domains don’t have any actual content, I’ll have to rely on the previous traffic that domain had. And you can’t do SEO or advertise that domain once it’s parked since it’s against the Terms of Service.

To get past that, the best thing is to buy domains with existing traffic.

Finding Domains with Traffic

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Before buying domains, I use some tools to help me check if that domain has regular traffic.

Alexa and Compete are my go-to source of traffic information. Sometimes it’s outdated but it gives you an idea of the overall traffic.

  • Alexa.com – shows the current rank of the website compared to all the other websites in the world
  • Compete.com – they only show the traffic for U.S. visitors

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Check Domains with Back links from Authority Websites

I also look for domains that already has back links. It’s important for me to look for high quality back links from authority websites. I use the following websites to check for domain back links.

  • Ahrefs.com
  • MajesticSEO.com
  • Google.com – using their http://info:insertwebsitenamehere.com

The research part is really important but you’ll never really know what to expect until you already have the domain. There are times that even after doing some thorough research, I still get domains with almost minimal to no traffic. Sad.

My Top Pick for Checking Expired Domains:

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  • Expireddomains.net
  • Godaddy.com
  • Namejet.com

I always make sure to check if the domain is accepting Google feeds. Google ads give out the highest revenue per click. To do that I use this link:


*I change the MYWEBSITE.COM to the specific URL that I wanna check.

In the <bodisadvertisements> section, it should show Primary and NOT Secondary.

Qualifications in Looking for Domain Parking Services

I have my personal favorites when it comes to domain parking companies. I look at the following criteria before parking any of my domain:

Average CPC and CPM

This is the most important part. I make sure that my traffic will be monetized well and I can get the most out of all the people visiting the domain. Some parking companies offer a 50/50 revenue share and some offer around higher, maybe around 80-20 (80% goes to the client and 20% to the company). The higher the percentage they give to their client, the better.

Payment Frequency and Method

I prefer Paypal. Checks will also do, but it takes a while before the check gets to me. I’m not from the U.S. so if I choose to receive payments via check, it’d take a while before I get the money – and harvest my profit (it’s already 2012, let’s please upgrade all the snail mails in the world). Bank transfers are also good. They can deposit the money to my bank account directly with only a minimal fee required. But given the option between Paypal and bank transfer, i’ll go with Paypal.

As for the payment frequency, the earlier the better. Net 30 as much as possible or earlier (There are those that offer Net  7 ). Some companies offer to send payment 90 days after you made that money. I’m just not that patient.  A lot can happen in 90 days!

Preferred Domain Parking Companies

I test a few domain parking services so I can check which ones can give me the highest revenue. Here are my best options:

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  • Voodoo
  • Bodis
  • DomainSponsor

I don’t use Sedo for parking. The revenue is <profanity> low. Sedo is best suited for those who want to sell their domains.

I recently applied for other domain parking services like Hotkeys, DotzUp and DomainApps so hopefully i’ll get better results with them. Also, some domain parking companies are very picky in accepting applications.

I tried applying for a Trafficz account and I wasn’t able to get in. It has something to do with the quality of my domains. Like what I said earlier, I just started collecting domains 2-3 months ago so I don’t have a large portfolio yet and I don’t own ultra premium domain names like Casino.com, Diamond.com or Sex.com (and with the prices of those type of domains, i’ll pass).

Test Each Domain on Different Domain Parking Companies

This is essential. Keep testing different domain parking services. Each one will give different CPM on every domain so I have to find which one’s best for a specific domain.

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There’s a website that can automate the testing. Above.com will randomly change the nameservers and analyze which domain parking company can give out the best revenue for  each website. I haven’t tried this one yet but once I get a larger portfolio, I will.

Other Domain Buying Strategies

Besides buying domains with existing traffic, other people also opt for generic keyword domain names. These are domain names like Flight.com, Hotel.com, Travel.com, Buy.com, etc. These domain names are seriously expensive (I’m guessing some of them can go higher than $1M) and I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy domains like that for parking purposes.

A less expensive alternative to buying one word generic keyword domains are two to three-word keyword domains such as BuyBags.com, LaptopSale.com, CancerCure.com, HouseForSale.com. Still, these ones are crazy expensive but cheaper that one word domains (I don’t know if I can use the word “cheaper” because it’s nowhere near the definition of cheap).

If you’re lucky, you’ll find an available high search count domain that’s available. Just use Adwords Keyword Tool and look for exact search terms or search phrases with a global  search of maybe more than 1,000. Also look for the ones with high competition to guarantee that relevant ads with high cost per click will show up once you park the domain.

Keyword domains are in demand, particularly the shorter ones that’re competitive. If you want to make bigger income, you can sell the domain for more than double of how much you purchased it. But that will fall under Domain Flipping and i’m not here to discuss that since it requires more work (sales letters, marketing, etc).

Why do I like Domain Parking?

You get to do this anywhere in the world, even if you’re travelling. Simply put, passive Income. Period.

Why not just buy and sell domains instead?

Buying and selling domains require more time and effort. I’ll leave that to the experts who like bombarding my e-mail with sales letters of available domains.

Buying Domains for Monetization is a Hit or Miss

It’s really unpredictable whenever i’m buying expired domains to monetize. It may or may not be profitable. Even with good tools, you still can’t predict if the current traffic will be consistent.

But for domainers who buy and sell domains for a living, then domain parking is just a little extra cash while waiting for their domains to be sold.

  • Mike Lee

    Man! Sedo’s paying chump change. Great guide. Didnt try buying expireddomains buy will do now. Thanks!

    • http://incometherapy.com Edward L

      Yes you should check it out. A little research will go a long way. You might just end up getting a high traffic domain!