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Godaddy vs Hostgator – Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Domains and websites are essential to me, given that I earn from them, and choosing the best domain registration and web hosting has always been an issue.

I try my best to research and read reviews first before paying for domain and hosting services — real ones and not affiliate reviews with fake 5-star ratings that scream affiliate marketing.

Godaddy vs Hostgator   Hosting and Domain Name Registration Photo

Sometimes reading reviews isn’t enough. I’d really have to do a test to find out which one suits my needs.

How my registrar-seeking saga started

Years ago, I registered and hosted my website through some local reseller. It was really cheap and I wasn’t aware of the pros and cons. During that time, they had a promo of domain registration–plus hosting for an entire year–for only $12. Of course, not knowing that there are other options, I immediately purchased their service.

With their very limited monthly bandwidth allowance and file storage (and a laggy server to add insult to injury), I had no choice but to look for another registrar and hosting provider.

Enter Godaddy and Hostgator.

I’ve been using both Godaddy and Hostgator for years now. But I’ve been with Godaddy longer since most of my older sites are hosted there, and I only found out about Hostgator later on through the help of forum recommendations.

Godaddy Domain Name Registration and Hosting

Majority of my domains (around 95%) are registered under Godaddy. Here’s my take on Godaddy’s hosting a reg service.

Godaddy vs Hostgator   Hosting and Domain Name Registration Photo

Reasons why I like Godaddy

  • Keeping most of my domain names registered under Godaddy makes domain management a lot easier, and…
  • They have a user-friendly interface that lets me flawlessly mass edit domain reg information such as name servers, contact information/detail, etc.
  • Customer support is decent. Whenever I inquire on something, I always get a reply. Generic reply, but good enough.
  • I never had any security glitch — as far as I know.
  • They always have promo codes and discount coupons floating around the internet. I get mine from forums and promo blogs. The promo code lets me register a dotcom domain for as low as $1 plus tax. Not bad. On a regular basis, I can get dotcom domains for around $5-$7. That’s still cheaper compared to other domain registrars.
  • Godaddy offers freebies when you avail long-term hosting!

And why Godaddy isn’t that favorable

  • Hosting has incessant issues. Every now and then, the ping of a site gets too high rendering it useless. It’s unbearable. Especially when I edit the site only to find out the changes weren’t saved since a problem occurred. This usually gets fixed on its own, but it’s just not acceptable.
  • For people with slow internet connections, the user interface wouldn’t probably be the best choice.
  • Before I can finish registering my domain, I have to go through hoards of promotional ads for their other services. I get it, they have other domain and hosting services. I don’t know why they have to give me that option over and over again. I already declined it during my first 10 registrations — and for the nth time, I still don’t want it, thank you very much.

Hostgator Domain Name Registration and Hosting

While I register my domains under Godaddy, I prefer Hostgator in terms of hosting.

Godaddy vs Hostgator   Hosting and Domain Name Registration Photo

Hostgator’s hosting is still the best

  • Best. Hosting. Ever.
  • Servers are fast and my sites load within nanoseconds without any problem. I don’t think I’ve encountered any type of downtime with them. This is essential since I advertise some of my websites, and if there’s a problem in a site, it would be like I’m advertising for nothing. Money wasted.
  • Purchasing process is fast and efficient. No unwanted ads. No drama.
  • Their client/admin area is simple and easy to navigate. I can make hosting changes without hassle.
  • I just want to say this again: Best. Hosting. Ever.

… Or Not.

  • Expensive hosting. Although it helps that I can add on multiple domains in one hosting. And the price is worth it!
  • I can’t seem to find the best way to manage multiple domains and do mass editing. Based on my experience, I had to edit multiple domain information — one by one. Unnecessary inconvenience.
  • The online customer support takes a while to get to you. Whenever I try to use the Live Chat, there are always more than 200 people before me, so it takes a while before they can tend to my crisis. But it’s all good.
  • For some reason, they don’t autodebit my credit card and I have to regularly pay them manually using Paypal . Sometimes I forget to pay, and get bombarded by e-mails telling me that my credit card was declined. I’ve reported that issue over and over again but it hasn’t been resolved. I don’t think other people encounter this though.

Get the best of both worlds!

Why choose between Godaddy and Hostgator when I can have both? Clearly Godaddy has a better and more user-friendly domain registration and management service, and Hostgator is better at hosting websites. So what I do is I just register my domain under Godaddy then direct the name server to my Hostgator hosting plan.

I’ve been doing it to my websites and I’m satisfied. I don’t think I’ll change this method for now since it’s such a hassle transferring domains and hosting. IncomeTherapy.com, for example, is registered under Godaddy and hosted on Hostgator. No problem so far.