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How Do Rich People Think?

At one point, everyone wanted to become a millionaire or at least be very rich.  Well, therein is the problem. Most people want to become millionaires but are afraid of thinking like them.

Or they really don’t know how to think like the rich. Here is how rich people think.

1. Get there in your mind first

A wise man once said that “If you cannot get to a place in your mind first, then really you cannot get there in reality”.

This principle is seen in all your daily activities of the day but rarely applied in wealth creation. Before you cook supper, you first visualize the food already cooked.

For men, before you approach that girl, you first think about the words to say and visualize you saying them.  Before you start your day, you pretty much have visualized what will be done on that day. These examples can go one and one.

But one thing remains constant; you have to see it in the mind before seeing it in reality. To be rich you have to see yourself rich in the mind first.

2. Translate your thoughts into reality

If you have ever been with a psychologically-challenged/mad person, then you know in their world they have big cars. In their world/mind, they have a beautiful life partner. In their world/mind, they have big mansions. In fact, in their mind, they have all the good things.

As you apply point No.1 above, you are more or less like a mad person. In fact, you will remain to be a like mad person until you translate your thoughts into reality. Translating your thoughts to reality makes the difference between you and a mad person; a mad person can hardly do that.

3. Save more

Rich people always think about how they will get more money. One principle of money is that “Money attracts money”.  If you don’t have any money, then you can hardly make more. You need to constantly save cash so that you can invest it in the future.

4. Make money work for you

Rich people think about making money work for them which is also known as investing. Savings are a waste if they are not invested wisely. With the high inflation rate, your savings are ever losing value.

The only way to add value to your savings is to invest them. Investments allow your money to work for you. With your current job, you are working for the money.

5. Delay gratification

Perhaps the most important point that rich people think about is delaying gratification. They know that before the money starts to flow, they will have to delay immediate gratification. Take an example of Steve Jobs; he left his job to start a company from his parent’s garage.

Gratification here would have been staying in his job. This moment of delayed gratification made him rich and brought him more gratification in the end.

6. Get Motivation

The rich think about ways of keeping themselves motivated. Remember that motivation is like a shower “one is never enough; you need another one daily”.

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