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How to Access Your Work Computer from Home

How to Access Your Work Computer from Home PhotoWith the help of certain software, it is now possible to access office or work computer right from the comforts of home. This is indeed perfect for those who work and attend college classes at the same time. Parents who tend to be particularly at home can also benefit from such software. Nevertheless, accessing your office PC from home is not as easy as how you may think it is. There are certain steps you must first follow in order to do it successfully.Here’s a short guide of it:

Consult the IT department

Before you experiment with your office computer, be sure to consult the IT department first. These people are experts when it comes to software and computers, they can surely help you with the entire process. You should also ask about IT policies because accessing your work computer from home can be prohibited depending on the company.

Get an IP address

Work computers already have a network address within the company’s network. However in order to access it, you need to have an IP address that can be accessed from outside of the network. It’s highly advisable to contact your internet service provider about this matter.

Install remote access software

A remote access software or application is the main factor that allows you to access your office computer. Windows Vista, 7 and XP already has a preinstalled Remote Desktop Connection. If you don’t have one, you can purchase this software from legit sources online. There are even sites that offer these software installations for free.

Ensure your computers’ compatibility

In some cases, two computers cannot be connected because they’re not compatible. To do this, turn the two computers on and try to connect it using the steps mentioned above, if there is an error then it’s confirmed – you cannot access your work computer from home.

Nevertheless, you can still access files through the help of Google Docs and MobileMe. These two allows you to access your files from any PC that has an internet connection.

Inform your company

Once you got everything in place, it is just right to inform your company that you have already accessed your office computer. This is what professionalism means. This will also spare them from worrying if something on your office computer changed without your existence in the office.

Configure the settings

The last and final step is to configure all the settings from the remote application software. This configuration will require the user to provide login details in order to access the computer remotely. Your computer will be extremely vulnerable once you skip this part.

Although people can now access their office computers straight from home, still that is not an enough reason for them to rely on software. As employees, it is still their responsibility to work at the proper and appropriate working place. However, people can’t also deny the fact that technology was able to bring in more comfort than they ever needed.