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How to Accomplish More in Less Time

How to Accomplish More in Less Time PhotoIndeed, it is a powerful asset if you can finish more tasks in lesser time. For those who can do it, it’s just quite easy. However, for individuals who are struggling, it is considered a talent. If that’s the case, keep in mind that every talent can be learned.

There are certain techniques that you can follow in order to succeed thoroughly in becoming a multi-tasker. Curious? Read along and gain facts worth keeping.

Follow the 18-minute rule

One of the most effective rules, when it comes to multi-tasking, is the 18-minute rule. With this, you will be taking 5 minutes each morning to assess yourself and list down the main tasks you should finish for the day. Be sure to organize from the most important to the least. As the day goes by, take 1 minute each working hour to check for yourself if you’ve been productive on the past hour.

Repeat this until your 8hrs shift is about to finish. At the end of the day, take another 5 minutes to make a final assessment and see how your entire day went.

Create a system

The next step is to formulate a routine that suits you and your work. This system should be restrained and should be able to help you focus. It should include tactics to deal with writer’s block if you’re a writer or perhaps tips on how to beat a rush deadline.

This way, you won’t get confused if you’re doing lots of things all together. Keep this system written on sticky posts and place it on your cubicle wall to keep you reminded of it.

Learn to skim

Whatever work you have, a talent in skimming is particularly beneficial. This will surely save you lots of time instead of reading a document word-per-word. Nevertheless, you should still ensure that you fully understood what you read.

Skimming doesn’t mean you can’t go back. Thus, if you didn’t understand something, feel free to go back and try to digest information slowly.

Cut after 25

Another handy technique towards finishing more work in less time is to follow the cut-after-25 rule. Based on studies, our brain can fully focus for only 25 minutes. That is why you should take a 5-minute break, after every 25 minutes.

This way, you can maintain focus and can finish a task quickly. Forcing yourself to do so even if your brain is already stressed will just result in a crappy outcome.

Organize your task

Lastly, you should learn how to organize your task. By doing so, you can easily determine which should be done first and which are the urgent tasks. Multitasking is different from working fast, but with this technique, you can easily perform both.

Trying to accomplish more and be a successful multi-tasker can truly be considered as a talent. With these few steps, you can easily learn it in no time. However, you must bear in mind that learning takes time. It has a trial and error part, and you should be prepared for that.