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How to Acquire New Customers

How to Acquire New CustomersYour business is doing well so far. But you must never be complacent. Good is not good enough. You need to attract more customers for your business to flourish. But what should you do? Here are 10 ways on how to acquire new customers:

Change your marketing technique

Maybe people are getting tired of the usual menu or marketing strategy. Almost every business in town uses that! Surprise them with something they’ve never seen before. Fresh ideas on ads can certainly catch the eye.

Launch a new product

What better way to attract new customers than to add new products to your line-up? And while you’re at it, why not create a discount for the first 50 (or 100) customers? That would get your audience’s attention positively.

Use social media

Millions of people are now on Facebook and Twitter. Why not use those sites to promote and attract customers? Create a Facebook page for your business and never get tired updating it. You’ll reach your customers better through social media networks.

Create packages and discounts

If you can’t launch a new product, then stick to the old but create packages and discounts. A great way to use this is a buy-one-take-one offer for every person who brings in a new customer. Just make sure you won’t get broke after all the effort.

Launch a PR campaign

Tie up with a local charity or an organization, and then create press releases. Offer sponsorships for events. It might cost a little more than necessary, but it just might help get the attention of the masses.

Ask referrals

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. Talk to your customers. Ask for referrals. Or, you can create a discount card that could be stamped whenever a person brings a friend. This is where friendship between business owners and customers come in handy.

Refurbish your website

Restyling your website will surely help attract new customers. Use search engine optimization. There are, after all, a lot of technology updates around. Utilize those, and don’t forget to use social media.

Join a business association

Nothing terrible ever came from rubbing shoulders with business magnates. Join the Chamber of Commerce, or any business association. Widen your network, and soon you’ll have those referrals and new customers.

Be visible at social events

If there’s a local event, be there. If there’s a fair, put up a stand or booth. Be visible at your target market. Be approachable and sociable. Shake a few hands, and advertise a little. It’s best if you have friends with you so they can advertise for you.

Use all types of media

Lastly, if you can afford it, go crazy with advertising. Go with print and the local radio station. Be seen, be heard, but don’t overdo it. You might appear desperate and annoy some people.

For a business to grow and mature, you need a constant inflow of new customers. But, you must also be able to keep your old ones. Make your business relational, so that people will surely recommend you.