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How to Apply for SSI

How to Apply for SSI PhotoThe SSI or the Supplemental Security Income is a government fund that is used for people who have disabilities such as blindness. You must be over the age of 65 to be eligible for this funding. You can apply for SSI in your local government office. If you have a disabled child, then you can have other benefits such as the Disability Report which can be filed online. Check out the following for more information on how to apply for SSI:

Gather the proper documents

It is best that you have the right documents if you plan on applying for the SSI. Bring with you your important documents such as previous employments, current and valid IDs, your bats are required for you to be eligible for the fund so it is best that you gather them first before heading to the main office.

Gather medical documents

Take all of your medical documents with you as well when you head down to the office. List down the names of all the prescribed medications you have been taken as well as all the medical tests done that relates directly to your disability. This will help prove to the government that you are indeed disabled and in need of the fund. Do not forget to list down the names and contact details of all the health care providers you have encountered. They will be very crucial to your application. It is best that you also include the hospital names and the dates of each treatment.

Call your local office

If you have some inquiries, you can call the local SSI office. They are available between 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening on weekdays. They will surely help you with any concerns that you have regarding your application for SSI. You can also set an appointment if you already have all the needed documents with you. This will help you speed up your application.

File for disability report

If you have a disabled child, you can file for a disability report online to have an extended benefit for your child. You can visit the official website and begin filing for disability report. In terms of applying for Disability Report, make sure that you have read all the rules and regulations concerning the benefits. If you do not understand some part of the agreement, make sure you ask or inquire about it through a phone call or via chat.

It is best that you apply as early as possible for SSI since there are a lot of people who are in need of this benefit from the government. Fortunately, the government is able to assist you with this kind of fund to help ease the burden of taking care of a disabled family member.