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How to Ask for Help from Your Colleagues

How to Ask for Help from Your Colleagues PhotoAsking help from your colleagues calls for a good office etiquette. People are always there to help, but if you act rude or in a strange way then they might think twice before helping you.

With that being said, you should maintain a proper composure all the time. You should also learn how to approach the right way and how to react if they don’t want to help you.

Read along this article to get a good dose of facts worth keeping.

Keep a pleasing personality

Whenever asking help from others, you should appear in such a way that they would be more than willing to help you. Believe it or not, physical appearance matters a lot.

You should ensure that you don’t have foul breath, messed-up hair, or untidy clothes. You should also keep a smile on your face and talk in a friendly way.

Determine if you truly need assistance

Before you proceed to step three, you should first assess yourself. Do you actually need to the help or you just want to pass the job to other people?

If your colleague knows that you can do the job, then most likely he won’t help you. But if he knows how overloaded you are or that you have no idea about the task, you have a higher chance of getting the help you wanted.

Approach at the right time

Timing is everything. If your colleague seems to be in a bad mood, better refrain from asking help from him. If he was scolded by your boss or if his vacation request was not granted, he would most likely be at the peak of anger and annoyance.

Better give him time and space at the moment. Once the coast is clear, it’s the time you approach him and ask for help.

Be considerate

Now that you know how to approach him, the next thing you should know is to be considerate. Is your colleague busy as well? Do you think he’s quite capable of helping you? Is he a pioneer employee or also a new one?

Keep in mind that asking help also means knowing whom to ask it from. Be polite enough to ask if he has any idea about your problem. That is the first thing you should say before you proceed with asking for his assistance.

Professionally accept his answer

If he refused to help you, do not get mad. Keep in mind that you’re the one who needs his help and not the other way around. Instead of getting mad, thank him for listening to you and walk away. Do not interrogate and ask why he doesn’t want to lend a hand.

After all, it is his right to say no.

Asking help from your colleagues, whether that’s about work matters or personal life, can indeed go a long way. This can help build a stronger friendship between the two of you. Asking for help may seem to be an uncomplicated thing to do, yet it still has a fair share of do’s and don’t’s. And knowing these will give you a better chance of receiving the help you need.