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How to Ask for Money

How to Ask for Money Photo


If asking money is what you want to know about, it’s healthy to be knowledgeable of the fact that there’s no easy way to do it. You have to gather a good dose of courage and strength to utter the words needed. You have to be open to all possible answers from the lender and you should know how to deal with it.

Let’s put it out this way, what if you want to ask for money to put up your own business? And let’s say you’re still in your 20′s, quite a young age to put up a business, do you think people will easily lend you cash? Perhaps you’re having that negative thought. On the contrary, this is not impossible. If you’ll just read on the following tips, you will surely put up that small business in no time.

Here are a few tips on how you can ask for money:

Do it professionally

You don’t go to a friend and say “hey, can I borrow $100? I’m planning to put up a business.” Even if it’s your best friend your asking, I bet he won’t hand over $100 to with the way you propose. The fact that you’re planning to put up a business, you should do this task in a professional way. In a way that the lender will be interested and will look at you with respect.

Show a proposal

Regardless of the amount, unless that’s just 30 bucks, it’s advisable to create a proposal. Make a PowerPoint presentation and show it your your friends or family and relatives. It should contain important factors like; how much do you need, what is it for, how long will it take before you can pay it full and the assurance that you can pay it back. These are some major factors that will pull their interest and trust for them to lend you the amount.

Put yourself in the lender’s shoes

This is one important thing to consider before you utter any word. Try to put yourself in the lender’s shoes. Whether you know him personally or not, you should have a bit of an idea of how he or she would react on your proposal. This way you can judge your own proposal if it will be effective or not. Just be fair and be open to all possibilities.

Borrow more than what you need

One mistake when borrowing money is sticking to the wrong amount. If you think all you need is $100 to put up that business, it’s advisable to borrow $150 or any amount higher than what you’ve estimated. This is an insurance that you can handle any extra spending, which is quite common in such situations.

Do not demand

Keep in mind that you’re trying to borrow money from someone else’s pocket. You do have the right to haggle but not to demand. It’s not polite to talk in an offensive tone in case you didn’t get what you want. In the first place, you should be open to such possibilities. Just be polite, accept any answer you get and proceed to your next step.