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How to Ask for Vacation Time

How to Ask for Vacation Time PhotoAsking your boss for a vacation time may be awkward. This is definitely a stress to those who have grumpy bosses. Nevertheless, you as an employee have all the rights to have a break every now and then.

Whether it’s for a couple of weeks or a couple of days, you surely deserve this kind of kickback. But what if your employer won’t allow you? Don’t you have any other choice but to forget that vacation trip and sit in that office for the remainder of your days dealing with loads of paperwork? Definitely not.

Ask ahead

To avoid workload problems, it would be best to ask ahead of time. This way, your boss won’t be in shock when you talk about your upcoming vacation plan. This is also an effective method to do especially before holidays when most employees will ask for a vacation break.

Showing professionalism even on small issues like this will make your boss realize that you deserve the time off.

Give a reason

Don’t stress yourself on this part. You don’t need to make a long speech just to state your reason. All you need is to be honest and give reasons that won’t offend your boss or the company.

You should also assure him that you will leave everything organized and that you won’t leave your co-workers to deal with loads of paperwork.

Check your contract

Sometimes, bosses and supervisors need to be reminded of what’s in the company’s contract. With that being said, checking your contract might just do the trick. If it’s clearly stated there that you’re entitled to an annual vacation of lets say one week, politely remind your boss about it.

Be sure that the contract is in your hands in case he’ll ask for proof. Grumpy supervisors often do, anyways.

Do it at the right time

Be sure to pick the right time to talk about it with your boss. Discussing your vacation request while your boss is at the peak of his annoyance might dissolve your entire plan. Be sure he’s in a good mood and that the company is not dealing with tons of workload.

You can also offer him other options if he insists you finish a certain project before you can get the vacation. You can offer to work extra hours each day without asking for an overtime rate or you can offer home based work without asking extra payments. This is to show your boss that you’re dedicated and deserves to have a break.

Getting a break once in a while is every employee’s right. Aside from having more quality time for your family, you will also have a chance to freshen up and de-clutter your mind. Staying away from work and being on vacation will also give you and your family a chance to visit various places you’ve never been to. It is also an effective way to make up for lost time especially if you’ve been too busy with work for the past months. By applying these tips, you will surely get that dream vacation without stressing yourself out.