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How to Avoid Being Conned

How to Avoid Being Conned PhotoBeing conned or deceived is frustrating. As much as we don’t want it to happen, there’s just no magic that can totally erase it. But being a victim of it can be avoided if you have some knowledge on how to prevent it. Read along and discover helpful tips and tricks.

Realize that anyone can be a suspect

Criminals are skilled in designing their evil schemes. They will do everything to find new ideas how they can catch their “prey”. Part of their tactics would be appearing like any commoner.

They come into the picture like typical people whom you can ask help in case you’re lost, or whom you can request to carry your baggage. But behind their masks, they’re already thinking of how they can attack you. Thus, it pays to be extra cautious. Don’t let any people around think and feel that you easily trust them.

Do not leak financial information

If somebody comes into your house and pose as a survey agent, make sure you do not put yourself in a situation that you cannot get off. Cons can be a good actor; they are well versed in convincing their targets.

You should also ensure that scammers won’t access any link to your bank accounts especially the passwords. Cons may also ask you to click a link, but without your knowledge, that the link is intended to connect to your online monetary transactions.

Reject anonymous emails

One common way to trick people is via emails. Con artists may send you emails of all kinds that are talking about alarming incidents. They may require you to give them vital information in exchange for them fixing that incident.

Instead of being fully alarmed, get yourself composed. Analyze if there’s enough reason for you to receive such email, especially that it’s from an anonymous individual.

Do not trust callers

Do not assume that since the phone is yours, there’s no one else who can access it. Caller ID can sometimes bury you in a deep excavation. If you use phones for business transactions, be sure you are the one making the call and properly watch the number you are dialing. You might end up calling a “Conner” and it is his chance for you to be his next victim.

Monitor your debit card

If you must use your debit cards to buy or purchase any goods, make sure you watch it carefully. You might wonder how come your savings are next to none when you’ve only spent a little from it. Always keep tight security measures with it to ensure that nothing is being copied from your card.

Buy online items from reputable dealers

Buy online goods from reputable dealers only. Even if they look respectable, this is not the guarantee. You should always conduct a background check with the site before making any transaction.

Cons and all sorts of fake artists are always around the corner. There may no way for us to eliminate them, but there sure are ways for us to deal with them in the right way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.della.330 Mike Della

    What a great topic for a blog post. With all the time we spend on analyzing the details, it’s easy to forget that someone may be trying to take advantage of our situation – whatever that may be. I find that simply staying aware of the possibility of being scammed is enough to protect myself. You never know who may have crappy morals.