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How to Avoid Developing an Inferiority Complex

How to Avoid Developing an Inferiority ComplexInferiority complex can be caused by a lot of factors. This personal perception of oneself results from emotional, physical or verbal abuse. It can affect an individual psychologically and lead him/her to believe that he/she is lesser as compared to others.

Preventing the development of this unproductive perception of oneself will involve a greater self-awareness.

Here are some useful tips on how you can be more confident about yourself and avoid feeling inferior:

Don’t be affected by negativity

Identify your own values and standards. Strive to achieve what you aspire. Along with this, keep in mind that other people also have their own ideas but don’t be affected by any damaging comments they throw at you.

Be aware of the cause of the action

When other people try to bully, insult or put you down, examine the hidden purpose of their action. A co-worker may make you feel less capable of a task because he/she wants to gather all credits and gain promotion.

Be aware of other people’s motive and don’t let it belittle yourself worth. Some people are experts at intimidating others to highlight their own capabilities. Don’t fall into such traps.

Accept diversity

Some individuals may criticize you because of your race, sexual orientation, ethnic background physical structure and appearance. Be aware that these are intrinsic characteristics of every individual and cannot be modified.

A verbal abuse, which is geared on these aspects, can seriously affect your own perception of yourself and can cause a long lasting sense of feeling inferior to other people. Cherish your unique traits. Identify your personal strengths and values and be content about yourself.

Accept constructive criticism

Constructive criticism comes with some degree of concern. It is a good way for you to become more aware of yourself. It also helps you improve your weaknesses and avoid developing an inferiority complex.

Foster self love

Valuing your own uniqueness and rewarding yourself of a task well done promotes emotional health. However, it is crucial to be aware that an excess of this is also arrogance.

Worry less

Perceiving yourself as inferior to others can cause frustration and is energy draining. When you indulge in the ill comments that your abuser throws at you, it can trigger bitterness and anger. Don’t give in to what your abuser wants you to feel.

Channel your energy by striving not to give in to what your abuser forces you to believe. Develop self control. Stay positive, focus on your own goal and use your energy in achieving them. Believe in your own capability and worry less.

Be with positive people

Friends who value you as you are and are genuinely concerned can be difficult to find but are worth keeping. Enjoy their company and be encouraged by their wisdom. This will help you become more aware of your personal strengths and become less reliant on others when defining your own value.

Feeling inferior hinders productivity and personal growth. However, with the right amount of personal awareness and support, everyone and effectively overcome and cope up with it.