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How to Avoid Office Flu

How to Avoid Office FluBecause you spend ample time in your office, it’s not really unusual for you to be contaminated with the flu or colds sometimes.

And as much as you don’t want to bring viruses into your home at any cost, it’s just impossible. But just like any other matter, avoiding it is highly possible.


Eating at your work desk

It’s quite common for office workers to eat at their desk and work at the same time. But while you munch on your sandwich, often times, you’re also munching on germs and bacteria.

Touching anything

Aside from your officemate, it is also possible for you to get flu directly from the bacteria itself. Pens, papers, folders – there’s just so much you’re putting on your desk every day and you never know what viruses are accumulating there.


Alcohol or sanitizer

It’s just difficult to battle airborne viruses, but having a disinfectant with you, all the time, is a great shield. Always put a small spray bottle of it in your pocket and never forget to apply it every time you use the comfort room or even holding the door knobs.

This may be an exaggerated action towards this matter, but if you don’t want to be absent from work, better follow this tip.

Disinfecting wipes

Along with your alcohol, you should also clean your desk every day with disinfecting wipes. This will lessen the virus that will reach your hands and the virus that you might inhale.

This is also a perfect substitute if you don’t want to use alcohol. Wipe the door knobs, toilet bowl and even the faucet handles before you use it.

If you will use the fridge or microwave oven in your office, you should also wipe it before using especially if you saw someone with flu and used it as well.


Regular vitamin intake

Another tip to avoid office flu is to ensure that your system is strong enough to battle viruses that are trying to get in. This will be possible by taking vitamin C regularly.

A tablet or capsule of this vitamin each day is enough to battle the flu and colds. You can even choose from different types of vitamin C to suit your need, lifestyle and budget.

You can also incorporate citrus fruits with this.

A flu shot

The best way to spare you from getting the flu every now and then is to get a flu shot. This must be taken yearly, and is free of charge so you don’t have to worry about any expense. This works as a vitamin but jut stronger. It safeguards your body and gives you a stronger system to ensure that viruses cannot enter easily.

The flu may sound like a simple sickness. However, it is something you should safeguard yourself from, unless you’re willing to stay home for as long as 7 days. If things get worse, your simple flu may even turn into pneumonia if taken for granted. If believed to be contaminated, there are always home remedies that may help you feel better.

  • http://www.effortlesshr.com/blog/ Tanya

    I am a big fan of disinfectant wipes. I use them all the time on everything. Its just my way of keeping germs away and helping my family from getting sick. Great tips on taking your vitamins. More people should start taking them. Staying healthy in general usually helps you keep from getting sick too.

  • http://travelwisconsin.us TracyAnn0312

    There are so many ways is order to avoid flu. As long as you are very much aware about your health, you are able to avoid it.