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How to Bargain For a Used Car

How to Bargain For a Used Car PhotoDue to the unstable flow of the economy, most people now opt for investing in second hand cars. For many, this is a more budget friendly option with the same purpose and function as in buying a new vehicle.

However, it is important that you have the appropriate knowledge on how to negotiate and haggle. These skills are highly important if you want to make the most profit out of your choice to invest in used vehicles. Now, here is a list of useful tips you can use.

Which car?

Know the vehicle you want to purchase before walking into the car display shop. However, keep in mind that it will give you more advantage if you don’t utter out your side from the beginning. Study the dealers offer first and find your way to get a good price from that point.


It can also help you a lot if you research for annual auto reports. Look for a list of reliable used vehicles so you will have a guide on which case you should consider checking.

Choosing to buy a second hand car which is approximately two years old will give you more advantage. Usually, they will still look nice and don’t have numerous flaws and defects yet. What’s more, a vehicle’s value will generally drop for even up to half of its original price two years after its release.

Listen first

During a negotiation, let the dealer speak out the price first. It is usually inherent to every buy and sell negotiation that whoever name his price first have a higher chance of losing. The entire negotiation will usually evolve around the first price laid out. When you let the dealer name the price first, you are given the opportunity to pull it lower.


Bring along a reliable wingman. They are a great help to prevent the dealer from getting overly confident about his offer. Furthermore, they can even do wonders in bringing the price lower than the original offer.

Say no to add-ons

Do not accept add-ons. Car dealers will usually offer add-ons to used cars such as detailing or rust proofing. But you can always find someone in your area that can do it at a lower price.

Never give in to guilt

Car dealers will usually make you feel that they are already giving you the best offer and that his waiving his profit out of the deal. Stick to your price. After all business is business.

Leave the place

If the salesman frequently leaves his desk in the middle of your conversation to consult the manager, leave also. Patiently waiting for them while they converse will give them a hint that you will most likely grab their offer. Tell them that you are going to see someone who also has an offer. However, make sure that they got your phone number before leaving the area.

This gives the salesperson as well as the manager the impression that you know how to go along with your decision and will not be affected by them.