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How to Be a Good Buyer

How to Be a Good BuyerThe common thing about most buyers is that they often check the price first before anything else. This is considered as the human nature of shopping and buying.

It’s also common for buyers to scrutinize every product they purchase and to go about inviting deals such as “buy 1 get one free.” Although there’s nothing wrong with that, still you should stay on being a good buyer.

Heard that buzz? That’s a sign that you’re curious about what a good buyer actually is.

Gain enough information

A good buyer is someone who knows the product well and knows if he truly needs it or not. With that being said, the initial step towards becoming one is to gain enough information about the product.

If this is a long time dream such as a Smartphone, it is advisable to do thorough research before heading to the mall. However, if this is just a new brand of makeup you saw, better read the label and talk to the saleslady about it.

Be open to substitutes

If your favorite item is not available don’t yell in the salesperson’s face, this is quite a common scene in shopping malls, and it also has to change. No matter how loud your scream gets, that salesperson remains the same – a salesperson. He/she cannot do anything if the product you want is unavailable.

A good buyer should be responsible for his actions. Instead, you can ask for substitute items or don’t buy anything at all.

Follow the 30-minute rule

When it comes to shopping, it’s always advisable to follow the 30-minute rule. This is when you pause for a while, leave the product you saw and go around the mall. After 30 minutes or so, go back and ask yourself if you seriously need it.

This is the perfect solution if you’re an impulsive buyer.

Scrutinize the deals

When going to the mall, be prepared for a good dose of deals offered here and there. At first you may think it’s a bargain, and you just can’t let it slip away.

Once you get home, that time, you’ll see your wallet empty when it’s not supposed to be. This is also the time you’ll ask yourself “what have I done? Where did I spend my cash?”

So, before it’s too late, you should carefully scrutinize every deal you see.

Don’t shop on payday

Lastly, every good buyer knows that it’s not a wise idea to shop right after you receive your salary. With all that money in your wallet, it’s just a monumental challenge to avoid tempting items in the mall.

The solution – wait for a couple of days.

Whenever we bump onto low quality products, we would instantly label the maker as a bad one. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, don’t you think that it will be better if you will check the item for yourself first? How about you? When was the last time you asked yourself “am I, a good buyer?”