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How to be a Good Tenant

How to be a Good Tenant PhotoOne has to be a good homeowner whether you are owning a house or renting. Lucky for you if you have a house to call your own. But according to the International Union of Tenants, there are about 38 million households who rent their homes. This figure was last surveyed on the year 2011.

Finding home for rentals are not that hard since the US government provides homeowner assistance. If you are one these people who rent, you should probably know by now that being a good tenant is a must for you to stay long on the place you call home.

Renting may be hard considering your financial obligations and limited freedom. But again, if you are a good tenant, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Here’s how to be one.

Be an informed tenant

Prior to renting a house to live in, you should be aware of the contract. Read and understand the rules before you sign it. This prevents you any hassle living in that area in the future.

No pets allowed or having curfew for guests are some of the rules missed out and oftentimes broken. Contracts may also include a 3-month advance payment prior to your stay. This prevents landlords from being tricked by new tenants who just come and go.

Nonetheless, if you have understood the guidelines right from the start, maybe you can still make amendments to landlords on some regulations.

Respect begets respect

Consider your landlord and neighbors your family. Help them if you can. Create a bond by talking to them and visit them occasionally. Be considerate on the noise you are going to make if you have guests around. A noisy tenant is usually the complaint of landlords and co-tenants.

Be clean inside and out. Don’t just leave your trash anywhere and let your neighbors pick it up for you. If you have pets, consider the health situation of the people around you. Some may have dog or cat allergies, and you don’t want them to put the blame on you.

Be responsible for minor fixes

A landlord finds it annoying when a tenant calls him late at night because of a broken faucet or a clogged sink. These are things you could find a way on your own. Nevertheless, don’t fix things if you do not know how to fix it. This may just worsen the problem instead.

Pay on time

It is always the golden rule for tenants to be a responsible payer. Pay your dues on time. But if unforeseen circumstances arise, be sure to inform your landlord about your financial problem. If you can’t make it on time, tell him the reason why and maybe he will give you a month of extension. Remember that honesty is still the best policy.

If you have the chance to pay in advance, the better. In this way, you don’t have to pressure yourself on upcoming bills to pay for the next month. It is just all about proper budgeting.

To sum it all up, being a good tenant means being a responsible homeowner. When your landlord sees that you are good enough to live by your own, trust will be granted by all the people around you.