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How to Be a Savvy Consumer

How to Be a Savvy Consumer PhotoIn an era where scoundrels and scammers are aloft, it pays to be a shrewd buyer.

People can be easily fooled by ads and flashy discounts, but the savvy customer always looks twice.

If you want your money’s worth, then here are 10 tips to become a savvy consumer:

Do your research

Do you know what you want? If you’re having second thoughts, research. The internet is there, and so are your friends and relatives.

Ask for advice on which brand is the cheapest. Ask for which store gives the most discount.

Make a list

Before you head out to the battle zone, make sure you’re well equipped. Always prepare a list of things to buy. If you’re heading out to the grocery, have a specific list. If you’re going shopping, keep in mind the exact thing you want to buy and where you can get it.

This keeps your eyes from straying.

Never go for looks alone

You might think you’re getting more than what you pay for, but you have to look into the details.

That sale sign sure is flashy, but don’t let yourself be deceived.

Check the product meticulously

Always check the product with care. For food, check for the manufacturing date and expiration date. For household items, check for durability. Always test your items.

Never buy from a store that doesn’t offer product testing.

Read the fine print

For sales or discounts, there are a few loopholes stores take advantage of. Make sure you read the fine print.

You may think you’re saving a lot, but extra fees might kill your card.


Part of your homework should be comparing prices. If you have time, go from one store to another. Savvy consumers never settle for the first store they enter. Move around the mall.

Find the best product with a great price and outstanding quality.

Warranty, refund, return and cancellation policies

Before and after buying, find out the warranty of the product. Ask what happens when you need a refund or when you need to change the product.

This is especially useful when buying clothes and stuff for other people.

Keep all your receipts

What good is your refund policy when you’ve lost your receipt? Always keep your receipts and remember to take them with you for returns or refunds.

You can also use them as a reference when you want to know if the price increased or not.


Never be afraid to ask. Ask the salesperson about the product. Ask the storekeeper for your receipt. Ask the agent for your warranty slip.

Ask, and you shall receive precious information.

Never buy on impulse

Lastly, never buy on the spot. That’s why you have a list, remember? Stay away from noisy salespeople, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. Never let a salesperson talk you into buying on impulse.

They might be convincing, but don’t give in to the pressure.

Being street smart isn’t being cheap. A savvy customer may seem tight to others, but you’re just making sure you get what you paid for.