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How to Be a Top Salesperson

How to Be a Top Salesperson PhotoA salesperson is a born charmer, as they say. But charm isn’t the only quality that you need to be the best. If you want to be a top salesperson, there are certain qualities you need to adhere. Here’s a short compilation of the 10 characteristics you need to possess to be on top of your game:


A good name is your best shot. Be honest with your customers, and be sincere in everything you say. Develop a positive business relationship with your customers, and they’ll spread your business card for you.


A recent study ranks empathy as the top characteristic that any good salesperson needs to have. The ability to relate with others, to know what to say and when to say them, come in handy when dealing with your customers. You don’t want to be too pushy and technical. The best approach is through the heart.


Nothing happens to a man who doesn’t take that first step forward. If you know what you want, take that step and get there. Proactive salespeople almost always get that sale because they do something about it. They are focused and driven, which brings us to the next characteristic.

Have great ambition

If you don’t have enough drive, then you won’t get anywhere. A great salesperson has great ambition. Where do you see yourself in five years time? Moreover, how many zeroes do you see in this future of yours? This drive can be seen and felt by the customers, and it inspires them. It adds up to your “x-factor”, thus increasing your chances to make that sale.

Positive Attitude

No one wants to talk to a surly and dull person. Keep a positive aura, an honest smile and an optimistic outlook. A positive aura creates a great atmosphere between the seller and the customer, and even if you didn’t make a sale, at least you made the customer smile as he walks away. That still counts for something.

High Energy Level

The early bird catches the worm, but the early bird who works twice as hard gets twice as many birds. Keep that high energy level. Work enthusiastically, and your customers are bound to catch your energy level.

Grand self-confidence, but with a touch of modesty

Self-confidence is another key to getting that sale. If you’re confident enough with your knowledge and skill as a salesperson, then you’ll have no problem in reaching that quota. Take heed, though – customers tend to dislike the salesperson that is too confident. A little modesty can add a different touch.

Willing to learn and grow

It’s good that you’re confident with your skills, but it takes a courageous and wise person to know when he needs more help. Always make time for your personal learning and growth. Take time to learn recent trends, new tricks and techniques. Talking to your bosses and peers wouldn’t hurt as well.

Lack of discouragement

Every salesperson gets turned down once in a while, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. A good salesperson takes “no” as fuel to drive them harder. This doesn’t mean you must become pushy and nag your customer even though they said no already. It just means you’re driven enough to pick yourself up and move forward.


This encompasses your knowledge at what you do and your skills as a professional. Customers must seek you out for advice, and you need a certain degree of authority imposed on them so they would do so. Avoid being too dominant, you don’t want your customers thinking that you’re a know-it-all.

The gist

Passion is what you must have, above all else. It’s passion that will drive you to be ambitious, to be self-confident, and to be willing to learn. Passion for what you do will make you relate to your customers more. Passion is what your customers will see, and will make them ask for your help.