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How to Be a Workaholic

How to Be a WorkaholicWith the current demands of the present economy and lifestyle, people need to find something that will help them cope with this dilemma financially. A stable job is what they would most likely be looking for.

Most often, upon finding one, they are most willing to do all that they can just to keep a certain job position. Now, here are useful hints for you to become a workaholic.

Choose a tough job

Generally, you can find lots of workaholics on certain jobs and professions. An ideal career for workaholics typically includes medicine, journalism, and law.

These lines of work have higher stress levels since the professionals under these careers are expected to perform without any flaw.

In addition to this, finding a demanding boss is also a relevant factor if you want to be a workaholic. Such type of employers will demand additional effort in order to perform excellently.

Devote additional time

Arrive to your workplace an hour or two ahead of the regular working hours. Leave from your work late and consider doing the task for the next day ahead.

And as much as possible, work  14 up to 16 hours every day.

Work and eat

Consider taking your lunch at your desk while you are working. If you should go out for lunch, schedule it with an informal business meeting where you will still be handing out  business issues while you eat.

Office to home

If possible, take unfinished paper works at home and review relevant files before going to sleep. Take time to check your business email regularly to ensure that you will not miss any emails.

Always ensure that you can be easily contacted from work if you are going to spend some leisure time, if you will be able to spend any.

Minimize distraction

If you are doing your work at home, turn off your mobile phone. Turn off the TV. Shut the door close and tell everyone at home not to disturb you because you will be working.

Put it on top

Always make your job your top most priority in life. A get together event with friends can always be held or attended at the next time. Family bonding can always be held at any occasion. Romance can wait and dating and socializing are major barriers to achieve a workaholic badge.

Again, always favor work above anything else.


If your company is willing to pay for overtime, ask your boss for itAside from earning additional cash, this is also a good opportunity to create a notion that you are willing to devote extra time for the sake of your job.

Part time job

If you think you still have enough time and don’t want to waste much of your time sleeping, get a part time job and enjoy the extra cash it has to offer.

Though, being a workaholic deprives you from some of the pleasures in life, being married to your work also has its own bright side – promotion and a good stable flow of cash.

  • https://plus.google.com/112264449782345376066/posts Gus Dahleh

    All great advice for an extra productivity boost! Just remember to throw in a break here and there to keep your mine sharp. Nice article!