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How to be Cyber Safe

How to be Cyber Safe PhotoSocial media has been a very accessible field where different crimes happen. If you think you are safe while you just sit and relax in front of your computer, you are wrong. There are many scams and crimes that transpire on the Internet without you knowing. The usual targets of people who commit cyber crimes are young people, those who do their transactions online and those who are using their computer to store their files.

Different techniques that will allow you to ensure your safety while you search, shop, browse, store and communicate on the Internet will be presented in this article. Check the different precautions provided below and stay safe while you explore.

No giving of personal information online

Many people have been victims of scams and other online issues because they provided personal information online. Example of information that you should not provide online are those that can lead someone to your credit card or bank accounts. Money is one of the reasons why scammers and online thieves provide sites that are tempting to the eyes of the viewers.

Avoid speaking to strangers

The Internet provides many sites where people could interact and speak with each other. This is another advantage for people who are using the Internet in order to steal different important files from you.

You should be guarding your kids when they are using the computer. You should know the different sites they are visiting. People take advantage to the users who are still very young. Young people can trust anyone, so it is your role as a parent to guide them while they explore on the Internet.

Install security softwares

With today’s technology, there are also different ways to stop those who are harming people on the Internet. You can purchase and install software that can block unwanted and suspicious sites so you wouldn’t have to worry about your safety. Keep that software updated every now and then.

Keep your password

Another thing that can make a person very vulnerable and transparent is his password. You should create one that is unique and avoid sharing it to anyone. Sites have been improving and they are now encouraging users like you to change your password every 3 months in order to be safe. If your account has been hacked, there are still ways for you to retrieve it, just make sure that you know your email address connected to it. You can also create an authorizing question that can only be answered by you in order to stop other people from accessing your account.

There are a lot of ways to secure your personal belongings on the Internet. The ones presented above are just few of those. Be vigilant and try to do the different things presented and you will definitely save yourself from becoming the next victim of cyber crime. Always remember that the internet is a large market where you must keep all your personal properties to a place where only you can access.