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How to be Lazy

How to be Lazy PhotoLaziness is a word that implicates a negative impression for a lot of people. Being a lazy person gets you nowhere, as some people may say. Work is essential in life for you to earn and survive everyday. And if you are a couch potato, some will question on how you are able to live your life without any support.

Yet, for most of the working people out there, sometimes being lazy is just one of the things they want to do. Sometimes, when you are overloaded with work, you just want to shut everything down and curl up into your crib. If only you can wish to go back to the times when you were just a kid.

Unconsciously, no matter how hard working people are, they have their own little lazy acts. According to the American Time Use Survey done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2007, Americans are working less than 26 minutes a day to spend it on leisure activities like watching TV.

Though this is quite a small amount of time, this could only mean one thing. People have that uncontrolled mechanism for them to avoid burnout. And that’s to be lazy in their own will.

So how does one become lazy?

Ignore the checklist

Try doing a week’s checklist in a day and you’ll see yourself sick and tired of your life in less than a year. These are a common work a lot of people do in their jobs and they end up getting over fatigued, thin and stressed after a couple of years.

If you think you are going through it right now, try to do it once in awhile to avoid your checklist. Check nothing on it but instead, do what you want to do.

Stop and stare

If you’re tired of your work, why don’t you just stop everything and stare blankly in the air? It sounds funny but sometimes it works. Remember, your body is not a robot that does not feel tired and weary. If you expose your body to too much stress, it may bug down and give you worse-than-you-think conditions.

Daydreaming is healthy sometimes especially if you cannot think anymore of what to do next.


The most relaxing and the laziest thing to do is of course, sleeping. If you think you have been so unfair to yourself for not getting enough of sleep, then do it. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. You can do more if you like. Recharging your body fully can help you gain back the energy you lost when you were too busy with a lot of things.

After a lazy sleep, you will see that you are more active than usual once you get that rhythm.

Do things one at a time

If you aren’t really that “lazy” person who does really nothing, yet you want to be one sometimes, then you can act lazy. If you have too much to do, you can be lazy by breaking down your work. Instead of finishing the work in 8 hours, why not cut it into half and yet use full 8 hours for it?

Instead of giving your brain a headache of all the things you are supposed to do, pamper yourself by slowing it down even if it costs you a reprimand from your boss. You will be feeling more relaxed after doing a slower pace in your job.

Laziness is sometimes good for people especially those who are almost to burned out. If you think, you are one of them, you deserve it. But if you are one couch potato who does nothing in life, then the opposite calls you too. It’s time for you to act now and do something in your life.