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How to be Okay with Being You

How to be Okay with Being YouIdentity crisis… Discriminating… Aloof… Weird… Special…

These are types of personalities that comprise human society. People are unique individuals, and living in this world of differences has never been easy.

You have to adjust to be flexible and resilient with people in your environment. Or else, you’re making yourself alienated and isolated, standing in the gap. You just have to accept people and of course, accept yourself.

However, this situation is tough for many especially those who get themselves intimidated by people who are good, intelligent, well off, talented or physically attractive.

Knowing how to be OK with yourself is quite a tough task; thus this article will be your aid in doing so.

Don’t compare yourself

To compare yourself with others is not going to help. You’re just making yourself hate the things that build your identity, which is not good.

To overcome this situation, think of the things you have that they don’t have. This will boost your confidence. Perhaps you just don’t know that there are people admiring the things you possess.

Don’t mind what they say

The negative ones will just get you down if you will entertain them. Just ignore it and don’t fight back. Make criticisms your master to perfection. Never feel sorry by having those, instead be grateful they notice it. It only means you exist. You’re in their radar.

Cherish the positive feedback and nurture it more.

Show what you’ve got

Never keep what’s inside you. Show to the people that this is what comprises your identity. To present who you are can be done through the way you dress, you think, or you believe. Never change it to suit other people or be ashamed, rather be proud of it.

When there is an opportunity to showcase your talent. Grab it. It’s one way to make you better.

Don’t try to please everyone

The danger of doing it is you change the real you. You become pretentious. You spend much money for makeovers, for beauty products to change your appearance or stuff to make you cool. Whatever your skin color is, your haves and have-nots, or accomplishments, you should accept it and be proud of it. What should matter is not what pleases other people, but what truly pleases you, for it makes you complete.

Recognize that no matter what you do, nothing would truly fill everyone’s wants.

Don’t pressure yourself to meet expectations

Acknowledge that what people think and say to you differ. One way of knowing yourself is to communicate with people, especially those who don’t like you. Don’t make any attempt to fit yourself. It will not work.

What you’re going through is not that easy. You find yourself in an exhausting battle, trying hard to be equal with people around you.  And if you’re not able to, it causes you much anxiety and inferiority. Stop fighting and always remember every individual is unique and wonderfully made. You just need to be who you are.