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How to be Organized

How to be Organized PhotoIt’s important to know how to be organized. If you’re organized, you’ll be able to make the most of  your available time. But if you’re not organized, it’s a lot more difficult. You’ll waste a lot of time looking for things.

Put things where they belong

It’s important to figure out where things should go. A lot of this will depend on how you use a particular space. But once you decide on where things should go, try to be consistent. Don’t keep on changing places for things.

Once different things have their own homes, put things back. Make this into something you do all the time. It has to become a regular habit so that things won’t get messy again. Over time, your spaces should become leaner and more efficient this way.

Have a to do list

It’s something of a cliche, but you need to have a working to do list. It can be electronic or you can use a simple notebook. Just make sure it’s something you’re comfortable using. And you need to have it wherever you go.

It’s important for it to be portable, because tasks might pop up wherever. You need to write down tasks as they arise so you won’t forget. And then you need to refer to it on a regular basis. That way, none of your tasks slip through the cracks.

Throw things out

It becomes easy for a space to become disorganized if it’s full to the brim. Part of the work of organizing is editing your life down. You need to realize how much space and storage you have. And then make sure your belongings fit this space.

This can be difficult on an emotional level. After all, you might feel some attachment to some of these things. That’s just normal. But you also need to be reasonable about what is really important to you.

Have a filing system

People will always have documents that need to be kept and sorted. It’s just a fact of life. So you need to develop a filing system that works for you. You need to have a way to find documents quickly and without hassle.

Make sure to have a special place for particularly important documents. These could be wills, deeds, certificates of ownership and the like. Then, you need to make sure that all documents that arrive get filed. Or if a document is not important, it can be thrown out.

Becoming organized is not an overnight process. You don’t just move things around. You also need to develop better habits. So keep these tips in mind and don’t give up.