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How to be Outspoken

How to be OutspokenA lot of people find it hard to express their ideas and opinions to the world. Most of the time, it is not because they have a shortage of ideas to share. It is just that they have difficulty in becoming outspoken for several reasons. Being outspoken means expressing your opinions and ideas on something. It means giving voice to what’s in your thoughts when something happens around you or someone does something. It means speaking out when someone is being rude or unfair. It can also mean speaking out to your boss for unfair treatment or if you want to ask for a raise which you think you deserve. It also means giving opinions on issues that matters.

Change your behavior

Before you can start to be outspoken, you need to change your perspective and your behavior. You must initiate a change in yourself before anything else since the impediment to speak out your thoughts and opinions emanate from within you. The usual reason for not speaking out is fear, lack of self-confidence and negativity. Start the change by being confident in who you are and in your capabilities as a person. Once you get it going, you can initiate your change of behavior towards other people and the world around you in general.

Build up your opinions

You should try to develop your opinions about events and subjects. Even if you are not yet willing to voice it out to others, you should try to make an opinion on issues. Make it a habit to form your opinions and you will soon find that it’s already ingrain in your system. Research the facts about issues first and then form your opinion. You do not want people to think that you don’t know what you are talking about if you are not familiar with all the important facts about the issue. Furthermore, it would boost your confidence when you finally speak out that you are on the right track.

Choose your battles

It is good to be outspoken and assertive. However, if you constantly give your opinions and opposition to almost everything, you might appear aggressive and confrontational. The idea is to let people notice and hear your ideas, not chase them away with your constant contradictions. Choose your battles wisely. This means speaking out for issues that really matter to you and keeping mum on things that don’t really concern you. Don’t speak out for the sake of speaking out.

Choose your words and the way you express your views

Being outspoken does not warrant being labeled as ‘bitchy’ or aggressive. You can be outspoken yet be respected for what you believe in and be heard for what you think. You just need to choose your words in delivering your thoughts and the way you deliver it. Timing also matters when it comes to voicing out your opinions. You just don’t speak out every time you feel the urge.

Be aware of your attitude

People will notice if you act arrogant or egoistical as you speak out your opinions. Never let other people feel put down with your attitude. Respect other people’s opinions and try to listen to their side too.

Constant practice

You just can’t become outspoken overnight if you had been silent ever since. You need to practice constantly forming your opinions and voicing them out when the opportunity arises. If you have apprehensions about voicing out your ideas publicly at this point in time, you can start with family and friends. Practice being outspoken to family and friends to jump start your endeavor. You will soon find yourself doing the deed with other people before you know it.

Being outspoken does not need a lot of talents and guts. You just have to develop the right perspective in life and motivate yourself to change your behavior that does not contribute to becoming outspoken. You must realize too that becoming outspoken means instigating changes within yourself. You must be willing to institute these changes within you to enable yourself to become outspoken. You must strive to constantly keep abreast with the information around you and feel confident in who you are. If you know what you are talking about, confidence will emanate and you would not feel afraid of speaking out.