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How to be Patient

How to be Patient PhotoIn today’s automated world, time is as valuable as life. We run the risk of losing life if we lose time and standstill happens to be a common enemy. We need to move as fast as we can after time and waiting in line is not an option anymore. And having not a minute to wait peacefully, causes much stress to anyone. Thus, one of the greatest struggles when we handle life nowadays is being patient. Either you are working or just walking around the corner, patience seems to become a need. Is it worth practicing it? Will it give more stress if you can wait a few minutes? Or relieve it? So here’s patience, one virtue that can save you from drowning in stressful life. But how can anyone be patient?

Here are steps to becoming patient:

Take a minute to calm yourself

Before you boil like a steaming hot water, allow yourself some time to simmer down to cooling your temper and enabling your ego to weigh the whole situation. Calm down and ask yourself is it worth blowing your hot temper especially with all the people around you.

Refresh moral values

Even in a close encounter with someone who seemed unmanageable, or someone who thinks of himself as superior in a crowd, refresh your thoughts. Would being patient do you a favor than leveling with someone who treats himself lowly by his own devalued actions?

One must know and be guided about ethics and morality as this will be the basis on how to think and act right in public.

Speak kindly

Oftentimes, people argue because they don’t have patience. When everyone speaks at the same time, nobody hears and there will be no understanding. If patience is practiced, it would save time from unnecessary arguments. Speak with kindness when it’s your turn to say so that your voice will be heard and your intentions will be understood. It could even lead to better solutions to issues at hand.

Feel the other person’s side

Yes, feel how it is to be on the other person’s shoes. Like when you are waiting in line to order your meal in a fast food counter but the man in front of you seem to be too slow, what would you do? Instead of becoming irked, patiently try to know what he wants; maybe he is on a special diet that he needs to choose his food and you can help him pick what is best for him. You not only learn patience, you also learn empathy.

Practice deep breathing

Whenever you are already at the edge of your emotions, grab every second before you let a tear fall or blow into anger by breathing deeply three times. Inhale and exhale and count from one to 20 seconds then repeat the action of deep breathing. It slows down your adrenalin and relaxes your muscles from unnecessary tension.


Last minutes and deadlines make people nervous and impatient especially when your report is incomplete. Take a five minute meditation before you go into action and setting your mind for a peaceful and patient deliberation would give out positive results and cooperation. There are a lot of meditation techniques that you can practice whether at home or at work.

Whatever circumstances you may be dwelling into, patience could save you from emotional turmoil and avoid wasting more time. It gives you the freedom from moving hastily all the time.  It stops the symptoms of unhealthy living brought about by impatience. When you accept that life is an imperfect world, then you are on your way to allowing patience run through a part of your life.