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How to be Positive

How to be Positive PhotoDo you feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders? There are really times when you would feel bad luck is on your side. Whether it’s a bad day at work or a failing marital relationship – all these can happen drastically on you.

Yet above all these negative experiences, one must combat these and learn to be optimistic. Yes, it’s easy to say but hard to do. But when you are willing to change your course of life, one must be patient enough to bring out his positive attitude no matter how hard it is.

Here’s how to start:

Leave reminders anywhere

When you’re still starting to change your outlook in life, it will be hard to push yourself to your limits. To encourage you to start it now rather than tomorrow, place anything that would remind you of what you have promised to yourself.

You can leave positive quotes on your mirror such as “I am beautiful”, for you to read it out loud when you get ready for work. You can also put an alarm on your phone at a random time just to remind. You can edit your alarm and place “Today is always a better day than yesterday” or whatever you feel positive for you.

Place optimistic quotes on your computer wallpaper too. Your iPod can also contain positive and calm music too. Slowly but surely, you will adapt the positive energy you have in your surroundings if you constantly remind yourself through tiny things.

Go out and find friends

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 9% of adults are depressed at least occasionally. One reason could be due to social isolation. The more you are alone, the more you would feel down.

In order to have a more positive outlook, try to meet new friends who can encourage you to be more optimistic in life. Let your friends and family help you out by sharing your thoughts and feelings. The more you become socially active, the more you feel good about yourself.

Be closer to God

God’s words of wisdom through the bible is a positive way to keep you enlightened. Sometimes a person becomes too pessimistic when he doesn’t realize where he is and what’s his purpose in life. To find out answers, one must be willing to open God in his life with humility. This may not be same for all people but it is never wrong to try.

Do positive activities

Boost your self-confidence by performing positive activities daily. Smile as you go to work, exercise and always eat breakfast. You also need to have a good sleep for 8 hours at most. Studies show that the hormone that makes you happy called serotonin is produced during the day when one is physically active.

You can also join personality awareness seminars to help you boost your confidence not only for yourself but to other people as well. These type of seminars let you meet other people who might have a positive influence on you.

Start these simple steps in your life, and you will see a big difference. Do this one step at a time. The more positive you are, the more positive happenings will come to your life too.