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How to be Punctual

How to be Punctual PhotoIt’s important to know how to be punctual. People will expect that you can stick to time commitments. This is true at home and in the office. So if you’re not punctual, there will be trouble.

Track your appointments

It’s too difficult for many to keep track of appointments in their head. This might be okay if you only have a few. But once these begin to increase, you need to write them down. Also, some appointments may be set weeks or months ahead. There are many ways to track appointments. You can use a calendar on your table. You can use some sort of planner. Or you can go the electronic route.

Arrive a little early

If you have an appointment set for a certain time, try to arrive early. How early this will be will depend on circumstances. There is a problem with trying to arrive exactly on time. A small change of plans could make you late.

For example, you plan to arrive exactly on time. But then traffic is a little heavier than usual. Or the elevator is full of people so you have to take the stairs. At least if you plan to arrive a little earlier, there’s more flexibility. Small changes don’t result in tardiness.

Assess your travel time

Some people are too optimistic when it comes to travel time. They assume that traffic will be light, they underestimate how long they’ll need to be on the road. It isn’t a realistic estimate so they arrive late.

Instead, if you’re not sure, try asking someone who travels the route frequently. If you travel a particular route, make a note of your travel time also. That way, if you need to get on it again, you know how long it’ll take. You need to keep things real.

Set up a buffer

If the appointment is particularly important, set up a buffer. For example, you have a job interview. Don’t just plan to arrive a few minutes before the interview. Consider arriving in the area an hour before.

This way, you’ll have time to prepare yourself mentally for the interview. You have time to grab a bite to eat if you get hungry. You can go over your answers in your mind. You’re also quite sure that you won’t arrive late.

It’s important to be punctual if you want to seem professional. It will also make people think that you’re dependable. So keep these tips in mind and keep on working on it.