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How to Be the Bigger Person

How to Be the Bigger Person PhotoIt’s good to know how to be the bigger person. After all, every once in a while, you might get into an argument. Or you might get caught up in a misunderstanding. It’s helpful to learn how to deal with these with class.

Give him the benefit of the doubt

Sometimes, when you see how a person is acting, it can make you quite mad. The person might seem insensitive, uncaring or even lazy. You might be tempted to tell the person off or show him how it’s done. But it’s possible that there’s something going on under the surface.

For example, you might feel like scolding someone who’s letting his children make a mess. But instead, you take a moment to ask him if something’s wrong. That’s when he tells you that his wife just died in the hospital earlier. Suddenly, everything takes on a whole new meaning.

You don’t always haveto be right

If you feel the need to always win an argument, that’s a problem. If that’s how someone approaches the situation, discussion will tend to be stressful and argumentative. But you don’t have to live that way. You just need to realize it’s possible to lose an argument but still be okay.

If you can step back and take this perspective, things will be better. You can make your case while the other person makes his. If during the discussion, you realize that you made a mistake, you can admit it. After all, it’s possible to admit a mistake yet still come away a winner.

Learn to shrug it off

Sometimes, people will say mean and stupid things. They might do this because they’re angry or feel aggrieved. It might be because they’re defensive. Or maybe they just really have a stupid and difficult attitude.

But if you stoop down to their level, that makes a bad situation even worse. If it doesn’t seem like it would help to engage the person, just stay calm. Just take the high road and shrug it off. At least you stood your ground and handled the situation like an adult.

Be flexible

If you want to be the bigger person, it helps to be flexible. This allows you to adapt to a particular difficult situation. If you’re willing to adjust, instead of sticking to your position, you have more options. And you can choose to be kind if appropriate for the situation.

For example, your spouse might say that it’s your turn to check on the baby. You might both be tired, and you might be sure that it’s her turn. But you could be flexible and say that you’re willing to do it. That way, the situation becomes positive instead of stressful.

Learning how to be a bigger person can give you a good reputation. People might look to you as someone more mature. So keep these tips in mind and keep on practicing.