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How to be Tidy

How to be Tidy PhotoIt’s important to learn how to be tidy. You might not realize it, but your surroundings can have an impact on your mood. If your place is messy, then just looking around can make you feel glum. So, spending some time to keep things in order can be time well spent.

Do some cleaning everyday

There are tricks to making sure that your mess doesn’t get out of hand. One of these is to do a little bit of cleaning everyday. This doesn’t mean that you need to go on a two hour cleaning rampage daily. Just take 15 minutes, from Monday to Sunday.

Wipe down surfaces, sweep the floor, and do other basic cleaning activities. Clean for 15 minutes and then stop. It may not seem like much at first. But if you’re systematic and you make this a habit, you’ll see some improvements.

Be systematic

That leads to the next tip. It’s important to be systematic about doing the general 15-minute clean up. You need to have a plan. Map out in your mind how you’re going to proceed.

For instance, start with a particular room. Then, split the room into zones that can be cleaned in 15 minutes. Tackle one zone per day, then move on to the next one. Eventually, you’ll be able to go over your entire home.

Give things a place

Daily cleaning will help. But it won’t do any good if you keep on adding to the mess. You also need to make it a habit to put things where they should be. One example of this is having a place for dirty clothes.

It can be tempting to leave dirty clothes on the bed or on the floor. After all, this might be at the end of the day. You might be tired and in a hurry to relax. Or you might just want to go to bed already.

At times like these, self-control can already be low. So make things easy for yourself. Know where dirty clothes should go and make it easy to put them there. If it’s easy to do, then things are less likely to get messy.

Teach kids to clean up

Cleaning a house takes time and energy. If you can get people to help you, then you should. That includes your kids. Teaching children to clean up is an important life lesson.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Show them where to put dirty clothes. Have a place where they can keep their toys. Teach them not to leave their stuff lying around.

Also, explain to them why keeping a room clean is a good idea. Tell them how great it is to know where everything is. Let them see how annoying it is not to be able to find something. Show them how much time they can save if they’re organized.

If your kids are tidy, then they become part of the solution. You can work together to keep the house in order. That’s much better than fighting over clothes on the floor.

So, these are just a few tips for keeping your place clean. Keep them in mind. Try to make them habits. And you’ll find that your space is becoming much cleaner than it used to be.