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How to Be Transparent

How to Be Transparent PhotoBeing transparent in business means: You as the owner should know when to push the green button. Not the Mr. Perfect, or the Mr. Awesome, just the guy who runs the business and implements various platforms to help other people.

There should also be no obstacle between the employer and employees, as well as to other people supporting your business.

If you’re having a hard time finding that “G” spot with every customer you deal with, here are some tips for you.

Be reachable

The first step towards becoming transparent is to create a bridge between you and your clients. This can be possible through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Share your thoughts, argue a lot, and build relationship.

It would also be noticeable if you can share bits of facts about your personal life, rather than discussing the employer part of you over and over again.


Being transparent is not only about your relationship with your clients. More to that, this is also about how you communicate with your employees. Learning how to listen to them would be a powerful way to show transparency.

Ask and support their opinions on specific projects instead of pounding them to work, and work some more.

Don’t be afraid

People who usually get scared in front of other people tends to look suspicious. Always open that door friendship for people to easily connect with you. It’s as if you’re telling them from the moment they enter your store “Hey, I’m not robbing you!”.

Update your website

Because transparency means connecting with ordinary people, at some angles, this also means advertising and promoting your site.

With that being said, another point to become transparent is to improve your website regularly. Provide highly informative articles that your readers can easily understand. Use easy to understand terms, instead of trading wordings.

Spend time

If there are entrepreneurs who skip breakfast just to get to work early, there are also those that go to work late. Owning the company does not defend your being late or spending less time at work. If you care about your business, then show it. Be the early bird and spend more time interacting with the crew.

 Don’t try to be perfect

Critics will always try to bury you alive and they will dig that grave for you. Never overlook anything and anticipate every option you have. Execute, commit mistakes and regroup. Develop better plans for your business and work closely with your employees. Accept suggestions even from your best competitors. And give your best to keep the level of transparency you already have.

For most entrepreneurs, success does not only revolve around the money they’re earning. The relationship they have with the people that support their job also counts for them. This may seem easy but trying to become transparent is a tremendous challenge .Though there is no formula perfect for it, following this advice would still be worth it.