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How to Become a Building Inspector

How to Become a Building Inspector PhotoIf you want to set up a new business then you could take interest in a building inspection business. However, for you to be able to get into this new venture, you need to become a building inspector first. This will serve as your pass to enter and access structures and buildings for inspection.

Assess your interest in this career

You must be sure if this career is right for you. If you enjoy crawling under homes, then you can have a future in this. Moreover, you have to know why building inspection is necessary and understand that work entails knowledge, experience and inclination to building construction.

Enroll in a program for aspiring building inspectors

Before you are allowed to get into a building inspector program, a high school diploma is required. Be aware that grades on science and math are given special attention. You can enroll in technical schools or community colleges that offer building construction as well as project management.

From the program, you will be taught about the fundamentals of building construction. Students should understand building codes, construction materials, surveying and other aspects in building and construction.

Read manuals to prepare for the course

It is essential that you read the manuals that you are provided with upon enrolling in the said training program. This will help you obtain the basic understanding about electrical, construction, plumbing as well as fire safety measures. It will also help a lot if you read more from various resources as there are changes in building construction technology and also in the materials used. Education doesn’t end if you are interested in getting a career out of this.

Pass the training program requirements

The training gives more focus on practical training or on-the-job training with the supervision of a certified building inspector. You have to pass all the requirements necessary. There are written exams as well as trial inspection tests that you have to face for you to become a certified building inspector yourself.

Finish an apprenticeship program

Working as an apprentice will help you develop and hone the skills that you require so you can do your job better. This will give you the chance to apply the theories you have collected to do the task appropriately. After the apprenticeship program, you can then get the license required to become a certified building inspector.

Working as a building inspector gives you the opportunity to ensure public safety. This is one big concern for building inspection. As a professional building inspector, you will assess the integrity of the projects involving construction such as bridges, houses and buildings to make sure that they are built well and safe for people.