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How to Become a Car Designer

How to Become a Car Designer PhotoCar designing is a labor of hand and passion. Without the interest on creativity, there is no possible way to become a car designer. In this career, you will be working with details, aesthetics and balance. You cannot just go in the field without any awareness on the career you want to pursue. This is one of the most competitive careers in the field of designing. To keep you guided, read further and get ready to start up your car designing career.


The basic requirement to get involved in this career is at least a year in college, with a course related to art and design. It is very seldom that a car design school accepts a student straight from high school. In every aspect, you need to do your best and show your eagerness to become a car designer. Soon you will have a car design degree. While pursuing your degree, it is common that design schools provide activities which you may include in your portfolio to use in practicing your career in the real world.

Gain experience

It is not enough to gain a four-year degree on design schools. You may also add and collect some experience in the real world by serving as an intern in a particular car designing company. You may find these job placements through your school counselor and professors. Find one and orient yourself of the real-life in the car designing career.

Compile your credentials

After gaining different experiences and work outcomes during the internship and your years in college, compile everything and make them very appealing and impressive. This is in preparation in applying for a job as a car designer. Other skills are preferred by some companies like those who are knowledgeable on digital editing. This is another tool to become more effective in this career. Keep in mind that it is drawing that speaks for every designer.

The real career

Before you fully become a car designer, you may encounter becoming an entry level designer. There are a variety of ways to search for a job. The internet is just one of these ways. Look further prudently to keep your career secured. Do not just test your faith on some types of companies that seemed unreliable. Try to seek deeper into yourself and you may realize that there is a particular company to where you want to work for and after that, try applying for that company.

A real car designer is driven with passion and creativity. Without these two, you will not be able to get through it. Life is a trial-and-error process and the only place where you can be sure of is in yourself; in your own judgment of your personality and capability. Try to surpass your expectations and go beyond your limits. You may find yourself soaring higher and enjoying the challenges that your career provides.