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How to Become a Career Coach

How to Become a Career Coach PhotoExperience and knowledge when it comes to different types of career and people are the keys on becoming a successful career coach. A career coach could be assisting a client with his career or could be the one who manages their applications and secures the best jobs that suits them.

Career coaching is suitable for human resources representatives who have several years of experience in training, talent acquisition and general human resources handling. The income potential for this profession is very high since it requires top expertise and experience.

Here are the steps to become a career or executive coach:

Complete your course

Get a relevant course for this profession. You would need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a business related course but a Master’s degree is a lot better. Psychology is another course that relates much to this kind of job.

Search and take coaching certification programs. This includes a series of workshops which teach coaching skills to aspirants. This can help you on gaining important skills that you need when it comes to career coaching. You can strengthen your listening skills, learn some coaching styles, practice the ways of interviewing and client evaluation.

Get an HR experience

Since career coaching requires a broad knowledge on business processes and teaching abilities, you are required to get enough experience on the field of HR and training. Search for jobs and work on one of those fields for at least 5 to 10 years before you specialize in career coaching. Hone your knowledge and skills when it comes to presentations, teaching and skill development.

Hit on the advanced knowledge

After gaining experiences, you need to make yourself a master when it comes to career, business, behavior, leadership and coaching. Search and read a lot of materials regarding these and use it to your everyday transactions as a career coach.

On the job

Do a quick behavior assessment of your clients on the first meet. Develop a plan for a certain client depending on his needs, problems and goals. Work closely with all your clients and reinforce positive and progressive change on their behavior. Aside from working for a company, you can set up your own business as a career coach.

Once you become a career coach, the fate and success of many lies deeply in your hands. This only means that you are now an important person and is someone that professionals will look up to. To make sure that you give them the best, apply everything that you’ve learned from all those years of hard work.