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How to Become a Cartographer

How to Become a Cartographer PhotoIt can be interesting to learn how to become a cartographer. Maps have taken on more importance thanks to technology. People take it for granted that they can access maps on their phones and tablets. Cartographers help to make maps what they are.

Be interested

Choose a career that you have an interest in. It will help you to get in and get ahead. This is just as true for cartographers. You need to be excited by the sciences of mapping and geography.

Find ways to show this interest. Consider joining extra-curricular activities which are related to geography. Try your hand out at contributing to open source mapping projects. Help develop a local map for a tourism branch office.

Gain the necessary academic learning

To be a cartographer, you will need to get a relevant degree. This could be a college course in geography. This will give you background knowledge on how terrain and areas have developed. It could be a course related to math, computers or the environment.

Also, don’t forget that there may be specific courses in cartography. Keep an eye out for such subjects in your curriculum. Make sure to get in and maximize them. They will provide more specialized knowledge and information.

Find relevant work experience

Try to build up work experience related to cartography. While you’re studying, keep an eye out for internships. You could intern at a software company which makes mapping software. You could also intern at a local company involved in mineral extraction.

Volunteer work could also be useful. Research which companies and organization in your area make use of maps. Check if they accept interns or volunteers in those departments. Check if the local government also has similar opportunities.

Develop related skills

Eventually, you’ll be applying for work as a cartographer. At that point, you need to show more than good grades and experience. It would also be helpful to prove that you have other related skills. For example, demonstrate that you know how to use mapping software.

It’s also helpful to show that you have good social skills. One aspect of a cartographer’s job is handling complaints about maps. You need to have a tough skin sometimes. It would be good if you could show this during the interview.

The life of a cartographer can be great for someone who loves maps. You’ll be contributing to existing maps and the body of knowledge of mapping. Keep these tips in mind and keep on working at it.