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How to Become a Certified Events Planner

How to Become a Certified Events Planner PhotoDo you want to become a certified events planner? It is quite an in demand and lucrative profession in the special events industry that is worth approximately $500 billion and is still expected to continuously rise. If you are still contemplating what kind of work to engage in or you are getting tired of your dreary daytime office job, this career can open new opportunities for personal as well as financial growth for you.

No shortcut

Before embarking in this career, you should know that there is no shortcut to becoming a certified event planner. You need to do the hard work and gain the necessary experience, network and reputation in order to getting a certification from a reputable trade organization. This means that you cannot become a certified event planner by simply getting a certification from a certain school. You can only gain access to becoming certified if you have already acquired the necessary experience, work portfolio and passed the exams for certification.

Significance of being certified

By becoming certified, you are ensuring your place in the business since it means that you are now considered as an expert in your field. Being certified also ensures more work opportunities since people would likely obtain the services of an expert rather than a neophyte in the field.

Evaluate your abilities and skills

Prior to starting a career in event planning, you should make an honest evaluation first of your abilities in the areas of creativity, being organized, capacity to work in a team, patience, stamina and dealing with all types of people. An event planner can take up formal training such as getting a degree or course in public relations, hospitality management or hotel administration. These courses or trainings will help you deal with the job better but these however are not necessary to become an event planner. This is a very demanding profession that it almost involves always working under pressure. Hence, it is exigent that you conduct an honest assessment of yourself before you start contemplating initiating this job.

  • Are you a detail-oriented, innovative event organizer who is creative and not apprehensive about working with various technological gadgets in line with work?
  • Can you handle dealing with different types of people who may test your abilities and patience?
  • Do you have the ability to easily persuade people or the patience to work with a team? Can you convey exact instructions and have great supervising skills with the people you work with?
  • Can you cope with pressure, especially last-minutes changes and fixes?
  • Do you have the stamina to withstand long hours of work, even on weekends?
  • Can you think on your toes and out-of-the-box? Organizing events will require you on your toes and whipping out ideas from your secret box in solution to a situation as if the most normal thing to do everyday

Acquire the necessary experience

To hone your skills, you need to acquire pertinent work experience in this line of work. You will not only be polishing your skills in dealing with people but you will actually gain hands-on experience for the future work you have in mind. You can work in a corporation and gain experience handling corporate events or intern in a hotel. It would also be to your advantage to gain work experience in management duties. Organizations who would be issuing your certification will be looking at your work experience especially in handling management responsibilities and event management.

Build up your work credentials

To get certified as event planner, you need to enhance your work credentials. You need to create a work portfolio that documents all your experience relative to planning events in the past as well professional references from your previous clients verifying your expertise and dependability. Pictures of the events you helped planned or manage will be good evidences of your creativity as well as organizing skills.

Get certified

After you have gained sufficient experience in event management, public relations and managerial responsibilities, you are now ready to apply for a certification and take your exam. Apply for a certification with a trustworthy event planning association, pass your exam and boost your credentials in the industry as a certified event planner.

You must remember that you do not need formal training to become an event planner. As long as you have the necessary skills and determination, you can become one in no time. However, you have to work hard to build up your work experience, reputation and skills in event management before you can become certified.