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How to Become a Detective

How to Become a Detective PhotoA detective’s life seems very exciting and filled with adventure as you see it on television and movies. Hence, many people aspire to become a detective. Becoming a detective however entails complying with requirements and developing or improving skills necessary to the profession. Investigating a crime and gathering evidence is the type of work that meticulous and detail-oriented people would suitably fit into.

Assess your abilities

Before deciding to become a detective, you must evaluate your abilities first. If you are conscientious, observant, detail-oriented and like to solve analytical problems, then you are on the right track.

Detectives should be able to observe things other people would commonly miss. You need to have an innate ability to discern anything extraordinary out of seemingly ordinary settings. If you have an eye for detail and a fondness for solving problems as if they are normal occurrence in your daily life, then you are right for the job. Finally, you have to ascertain your own motivation to get into the profession. Ensure that becoming a detective is the right job for you and not just a product of some flimsy desire for glamour and fame.

Gauge your mental and physical capacities

Detective work is not all glamour and excitement. You need to put in long arduous work even until the unholy hours. You will also be subjected to a lot of pressure especially for high-profile cases. Moreover, you will be exposed to some upsetting crime scene that could turn your insides. Thus, you are required to be mentally quick and physically fit at all times to withstand the challenges of the job. If you have the abilities to become a detective but lacks the physical stamina, you can adopt some lifestyle changes that would improve your physical state. With proper and regular training and workout, you can be physically fit in no time.

Get a degree and formal training

You need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in criminology justice or criminology with minor in psychology or vice versa if you want to make it to the higher ranks of being a detective. There are two types of detectives: police detective and private detective. In order for you to become a police detective, you must first obtain a degree relevant to becoming a police officer. By attending police trainings and passing the relevant exams and interviews, you can now become a detective. Of course, your experience as a police officer would play a major role in evaluating your application for the position. If you wish to become a private detective, you can always apply at detective agencies or set up your own, after you have obtained the relevant training.

Keep abreast of new technologies and techniques

Becoming an efficient and effective detective also requires you to be well-acquainted, if not an expert of technologies that would help you solve crimes easier and faster. Knowing how to operate computer programs and other gadgets that will make your investigation faster and efficiently will be your edge in this field of work. Learning how to obtain public records, asking the right questions and where to find the right information are also crucial to this kind of work.

Practice subtlety

If you want to become a detective, learn to do things without attracting attention and try to blend in with the crowd. Detectives do not wear uniforms because they are supposed to do work, undercover. Learn the technique of fading into the background or of being unseen figuratively. Moreover, you have to learn to take notes. You cannot possibly memorize all the information you will gather so it will be a great help if you always keep a note of everything. You can always go over your notes and find something of great value to your particular case later on.

Becoming a detective is easier if you already have the innate abilities required for the job and the desire to become one. Getting the pertinent degree and obtaining the proper training, you will be improving your chances of getting into this line of work. You should always keep yourself updated of new technologies and ways in making your investigative work efficient to be at the top of the game. Lastly, you should practice subtlety and always keep yourself safe. Never compromise your safety just to be able to obtain the information you need.