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How to Become a Film Actor

How to Become a Film Actor PhotoHave you ever dreamed to become one of the box office hit film actors alongside Tom Hanks, Eddie Murphy, Harrison Ford and many others? In order to be one you would need commitment, passion and hunger for fame.

Out of a huge wave of aspirants, many will be lucky enough to become extras, a few will be called actors and there’s a big possibility that only one can be known worldwide. This is because being an actor is not as easy as it appears to be. Rejection will also come along and if you are really determined to bust your way in, it would require a lot of patience, hard work, investments and an incredible defense that you will use as a shield against bad controversies and denunciation.

To start pursuing this dream, read on the following steps.

Try to look good

Having good looks is an important thing to gain fans and commercials. In the movie industry, being handsome or beautiful may not be too much of an issue as long as you look clean, acceptable and fit for the roles that are available however, a charming and finely-chiseled face is being preferred by the board of producers, casting crew and directors. Try to look your best whenever you perform or join the auditions.

Take lessons

Good looks won’t matter in the film industry if you can’t act. Making people laugh, scared, giggle, cry or at least convincing the audiences is a very important thing on becoming an actor. Take acting lessons and learn how to portray different kinds of character and emotions. Be a versatile actor at a young age for a chance to have a very promising career.

Know your niche

While in the acting classes or in front of the mirror try to determine on which part of acting you excel. Are you good for a lead or supporting role? Does it suit you to be in a dramatic or a comedy act? Help yourself to find the type of an actor you are. You can consult your coaches or director about this and ask for further tips so that you can focus to do great on certain kind of role.

Get headshots

It is recommended to go to a photographer who specializes in headshots for actors. These headshots are usually from the neck up to a three quarter shot which reveals your niche. It is necessary to have this taken as you will use it on distributing this to casting agents. Portray different characters on different shots.

Create your resume

Like any other jobs, you need to have a complete resume and include your acting works. Update this every time you finished a new project along with workshops and trainings that you have attended.

Start the search

Strive to get yourself into a popular television show and build an impression to viewers and crew. You can also make use of Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media tools to meet people who can help you get a project. Maintain a list of contacts and build your network.

Get an agent

You can get an agent from SAG (Screen Actors Guild). They are the ones who represent movie actors so you need to work hard to get one. Submit a cover letter stating your experiences, include your headshots and attach a resume.

Connection is an important key to open a door for opportunities in the world of movies. If you are charming, talented, has a good attitude and lucky to have a great network, prepare yourself for richness and stardom.